The Sky Inside You by Marco Moreno Flores

I've never reviewed a poetry book so bear with me. The book is separated into three parts. Life, Love, and Eternity. Now dividing it up in sections is a good way to go. Dividing them up with the major themes even thought the last section, Eternity, should have been named Death but I understand why the author did that. It's the same thing plus as you read the poems you know a couple of them have religious references.

Now I've only read poetry books by Mary Oliver and Kay Ryan. Now if you have ever read a book of poetry you notice how you only like a couple of them because all the other ones you don't fully understand. At least that's the way with me with m y experience. So I can safely say that you will actually understand these poems. I didn't like them all which has happened before but with the ones I did like I was like huh. I'm impressed. And I was because they were pretty entertaining and I stress again I can understand them all.

There wasn't really one section I liked over the other which I thought I would but there were always some poems from each I liked. My favorite happened to be the longest and in the Eternity section. It's called Ode to Memory. Now I'm thinking and I was thinking throughout how the author would usually say I like everything was happening to him and especially in this one. I wonder if the I meant another person namely God. I don't know why I thought that but I just wonder where he was coming from when writing it.

What I didn't really understand was how the... rhythm of the poems kind of stayed the same with all the stories. I didn't feel an overly amount of passion with love. I liked actually a lot of them but I wanted more visual poetry that made me want to run and leap and do a crazy war cry. I haven't really found a poem like that yet but you get the point. And Eternity while I was reading it I was thinking death throughout and I get it was about Eternity but I wanted a poem really really dark. The ant poem spooked me but I wanted just a single dark poem. All in all I enjoyed it. It made me want to read more poetry. The author has put up some of the books poetry so if you want to check it out go here. Thanks to the author for letting me read the book.


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