It's A Grimm Week...

Yay! I did it. That picture took forever. Anyways I promised a long time ago that I would reread The Sisters Grimm Series and then finally read the last book. I don't recommend if you haven't read the series to read any of the posts except of course the first book. From tomorrow to next Monday I will be reading the series. Now this series I don't know who got it first me or my aunt and I don't know how we discovered it but this is one of the greatest series out there. Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and Sisters Grimm are the greatest series ever made in my opinion. Me and my aunt have read this series together and have loved it.

I know going into this I'll know things already so I can't really conspire with you guys in what's going to happen but I'll try my hardest. This week will also include a post after the book review post and that will be for anyone who has read the book. I'm sure it'll be only me but it makes me happy so I'm going to do it. During those posts I would like to get into the characters as much as I can so seriously don't ruin it for yourself if you haven't read the book. I might have the spoilers be my reaction post. I don't know right now all I know is it's going to be EPIC. Can't wait to do this and read the last book!!!!


  1. How fun! I keep seeing the books at the library where I work. Guess I need to pick up the first book! :)

    Alison at The Cheap Reader


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