The Lying Game by Sara Shepard

Emma's mother, Becky, left her at a friend's house one day for a sleepover and she never came back. She was abandoned at a young age age and she didn't really need to look too far for why. She still wonders where she is and if she is still alive but she wasn't really what you would call a stable mother. She would have these moments where she would be greatly depressed and start crying uncontrollably. She would wander away while Emma had to grow anxious with worry because she doesn't know where her mother is. And for a five year old that's a lot to take in.

Emma has lived in foster homes after foster homes because of her mom. She wishes so much for the perfect family. For a mom, a dad, and siblings who love her. Unfortunately that wish comes with a price. She sees a video online, a disturbing video, of someone who looks exactly like her that looks like she was strangled to death. She finds out that her name is Sutton and she is pretty well to do. This is girl, however impossible as it can be is her twin sister... her family. So she journeys to find her but she gets quite the shock that her dear old sister is dead. She must find out who killed her sister before they do the same to her.

Sutton doesn't really remember who she is. She knows she goes where Emma goes and sees what Emma sees. She knows she's dead. She can see her life through Emma's and it doesn't look pretty. Her friend's play awful pranks on everyone and she seems to be the worse one of them all. There are so many possibilities with who killed her. The book keeps you guessing all the time. "It's got to be him. But, wait! she looks suspicious." It's reveal is oh so satisfying. It's a pure evil ending. The person who seems least suspect looks like the killer. But then there are also like 5 other possibilities. Love that.

Now being Sutton is not all it's cracked up to be as you could tell. She's a witch for lack of a better word. She's the leader in a little gang that plays the lying game. They dare each other and scare each other thinking that there is something wrong with them. It's pretty messed up and Emma's just this nice girl who wants a family! *cue aw's* Sutton's friends are exactly like her. Laurel her sister wants to be her. She has a boyfriend that she so doesn't want to kiss because kissing your sister's boyfriend especially since she's dead is creepy.

Oh! Most important thing that I forgot to say was that she switched places with her. Well Sutton is still dead but Emma has to become Sutton. Freaky I know. Back to the boyfriend... she doesn't want to kiss him because she rather have Ethan Landry kissing her! He is the brooding, loner type and she and Sutton must of had a thing going on or maybe it's just because he's not the type to hang out with her. There are so many things that come up that make you question everything. Such a great book. Job well done Shepard for a great mystery although the first chapter is not that great and I hear this is a television show but Sutton is actually alive. Don't want to watch it now. I never want to read a book that becomes a television show because I know that spells trouble. (I'll probably do it anyway when I read Pretty Little Liars. I know I'm hypocritical). I think this series has so much possibility. It was worth the wait from the library. Need the second book now!!!


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