Child of Destiny by George H. Elder

Kara is an outcast. She bears a mark on her head. Something that makes you imperfect. Something that makes you evil. But her mom couldn't kill her daughter which was the duty of all the Labateen mothers who found imperfections on their newborns but Kara's mom saw a vision. Her daughter was there for something special. God had shown it to her. So when it was finally revealed what Kara was she was sent away but not before being saved by her mother.

The world is in turmoil. There is something in the universe that is missing. The Seeker is the only one who can set things right. On a mission to find him, Anita, lands unexpectedly on Labateen. It's a basic hunter and gatherer planet. A primitive one. There Anita finds Kara who seems to know more about the Seeker than she should. Can Kara be the one to save us all?

The book originally had great potential. I read an excerpt about it where Kara's mother was contemplating killing her and how she covered her mark up. What intrigues me about it was I love books where there are outcasts and this one had to deal with a primitive outcast. I've never read a book about something so deep in the past. The book then revealed itself to meet past with future having this ship come on her land. All of a sudden a world that was definitive (hopefully that word is used right) got from small to larger in my mind. In other words I didn't expect the future aspect of it to come to play. I kind of rather had the story not to save the universe. I was thinking when reading the excerpt that this lone outcast was going to save her people and she'll be deemed a hero.

Honestly it wasn't my cup of tea. Kara was pretty funny though always trying to attack everyone especially since there were pictures involved. I wonder why there were pictures because it's not directed to an age that usually has pictures in their books. The pictures were also kind of awkward because she was illustrated without clothes on. I mean I'm not the type of person who is immature and would say ew! to that but I didn't find it necessary. All I thought was okay...

Now God was a big part of everything because the Labateen were supposedly the Children of God. They also had evil in the form of Ishtar. He's not an actual person... you know what I mean. Well, what I was wondering was why did the author have only one God? Wasn't it customary to believe in a whole bunch of Gods in primitive years. I think mostly the human race has believed in multiple Gods so I wonder why he decided only one God. So there were some things that were interesting about the book but it wasn't really my type of book. But thank you to the author for letting me read it.


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