Fall for Anything by Courtney Summers

“Sometimes I feel hunted by my grief. It circles me, stalks me. It's always in my periphery. Sometimes I can fake it out. Sometimes I make myself go so still, it can't sense that I'm there anymore and it goes away. I do that right now.” 

Ugh. Before I go into the book review I must say that I had some other quotes and I returned the book before I can write them down! Woe is me.... So I settled for a quote I got off of Goodreads... Still good but I'm sad because my quotes were awesome... Pity party over. Now to get to the book.

Eddie's Reeves father left a hole in her family when he killed himself. He was a photographer that walked away from it all because he wanted to share his art. He didn't want his art to be seen as something so trivial as to be bought and sold. It's two months later and his death still lingers as much as it did when it was discovered that he did kill himself. 

Her mother never takes off his coat. She walks aimlessly through the house like a ghost. She doesn't get to show her grief because it might upset her. Beth, a friend who refuses to let age happen to her, is controlling everything while her mother is... incapacitated. She is also controlling her. She has to be this perfect daughter while her mother tries to get back on her feet which I'm really pissed that Beth does that. Excuse you. She lost her father too. What do you think because she is a teenager and she's not acting like her mother that she doesn't feel his loss too? Check yourself.

That's a  part I found strange actually. She even says her father is like a stranger to her now. She never really described him as he used to be. She did it maybe once but I couldn't see the father daughter connection that you should see. It was all morbid. Well not all. Just the feel. She did have Milo is her best friend. There's something he won't tell her. It's pretty shady until it is of course actually revealed. The reveal was more...eye opening? than I thought. It was just crazy... in a good way. 

Apparently she was this much more carefree person but that is all lost now. She is really awkward with Milo now. She's jealous (even if she says she isn't) of his one time girlfriend who comes back during the summer. Worse possible timing. He is a love interest. There are actually two love interests which you know what that means. Love triangle! It's done well so don't worry.

Culler Evans is the other love interest. He was one of the only students or the only student of her father's. He might know things. He seems to be in as much grief as she is with her father's suicide and she gets closer to him because of it which I honestly think is kind of creepy. Getting close because of your dad. See? Creepy. But he provides more than a love interest. You start wondering about him. She's absolutely insane to go near him. I would have said back off because there is something wrong with you. It's all really dark but it's beautiful as well. It's an amazing story. Death has to be in like top three types of stories made. Suicide on the other hand has its own different league because it's a choice and in this book there's always the question of why?

Found an excerpt for the first 5 chapters. You're happy now aren't you? Excerpt.


  1. The title, cover, and your review all make me interested in this story. It sounds dark, but thought-provoking. I like the way you described the story and the characters. The relationships sound creepy- but fascinating. On my list!

    1. I know I love this cover! Thank you for saying that about my review. I like reading dark stories because they are just more powerful.


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