A Grimm Reaction: The Unusual Suspects

In this post I will post my reaction to some events that occurred. It's actually only one but for others you never know. This is the other favorite moment like I mentioned in the last post. I thought it would be fun so let me know what you think.

"You know me, Wolf," Puck said bravely. "You take another step or try to harm anyone here and you will have to answer to me."
The beast studied the boy for a long moment and then a chuckle came up through his throat. "Trickster," he said, sniffing the boy. "Love will be the end of you."
Puck blushed. "I don't know what you're talking about."
The Wolf turned and eyed Sabrina. He chuckled and then turned his eyes back on the boy.

When I first read it. Wait what!? They already mentioned Puck and Sabrina together!!??

When I read love will be the end of you. He DID NOT just say that!!!!

After initial shock are the happy tears. Such a sweet moment.

When Mr. Canis looks at Sabrina. Happiness. Yeah!

When I looked back and saw that Puck blushed. Wait a minute...

Why is he blushing!? He LIKES HER!!!!

End of my reaction. Sorry I'm new to this. Hopefully you enjoyed it. Have A Very Grimm Week!


  1. Great job putting the expressions and animations to your words! Loved it! Such an exciting scene!


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