The Problem Child by Michael Buckley

If you noticed the cover there is a new addition to the Grimms. Well actually an old one because that is Uncle Jake (Jacob). He hasn't been around for twelve years. But before I get into that I know that the book left you with a cliffhanger last time. I wonder if you noticed and they do mention it a couple of times in this book they mentioned a brother. That's pretty important. It's also pretty shocking.

So back to Uncle Jake. He and his brother used to get into so much trouble but hardly anyone remembers him and that's for a reason. He did something... bad. Granny Relda won't say. He has a coat of magic and because of him Sabrina has this new power. She gets pretty addicted. Of course again everyone gets mad at her. It's ridiculous. How is she still such a pain!? She's better I know but she's always making mistakes. She'll learn. Actually she does always make mistakes and at that time sheesh... so I forgive her.

Puck doesn't appreciate all this attention Uncle Jake is getting. He's been helping them out when he is supposed to be the villain. He feels under appreciated. And you will find out what happened with Mr. Canis so don't worry about it. The mayor has a running mate for the election which could spell trouble for the Grimms. Now it's like everyone's attacking them especially the girl and the Jabberwocky. The girl wants her grandmother and dog! She's insane. Such a great tie in with another character in the story. Now is when you find out who the real friends are. This book gives you a couple of surprises and it hits you a lot. It's crazy. Another great book from this series. Have A Very Grimm Week!


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