A Grimm Review: The Unusual Suspects

So this review is basically the same as the first but it will be very spoilery so I suggest you don't read it if you haven't read this book already. Hope you enjoy!

Grimm Characters

In this book Sabrina is always angry and she's picking fights with everyone little does she know she's being controlled but still it was her emotions and anger but amplified. Will she be able ever to forgive herself?
-Sabrina Grimm

Daphne loves her new hairdo provided by with the help of Puck. She can keep a ruler and a snack for later in there, she's Ms. Popularity, Snow White is her teacher which makes her so happy she might barf, she's "law enforcement", but her sister is being a real pain in the behind.
-Daphne Grimm

Granny admits to Sabrina that she is suspicious of the Everafters but would never go as far as say they were all bad. She is always angry at her it seems in this book and doesn't appreciate bigotry. On bigotry I realized a children's book brought that up and did so so well. Good job Buckley we need awareness here.
-Granny Relda Grimm
All throughout the story Mr. Canis fights his inner demon literally. The Wolf ends up escaping at the end but cannot get away when the tunnel collapses on him. Did he survive?
-Mr. Canis

Elvis doesn't like to be left alone in the car but leave it to Daphne to make him feel important. He ends up rescuing Sabrina but is disgusted with the goo that was in his nose all over her. He knows everything that is going on even solving the case by himself in the last book and in this book he knows that Sabrina hasn't been so nice so he gives her the silent treatment as well.

Charming shows his well charming side when he worries for Snow and he even goes as far as deputizing his enemies. Love's worth it is it not? Daphne keeps on bugging him about it which doesn't make him happy especially since he's always blushing. Why Snow only I wonder? Is it because she left him at the altar? Does he only want her because she didn't want him?
-Mayor William Charming

Mirror has been helping Sabrina find ways to save her parents. He can't do anything without keys so she's been swiping her grandmother's and has been copying them slowly. Puck is awed by her when she admits it.  Sabrina and her grandmother go to him all the time to see her parents.

Puck seriously gets on Sabrina's bad side all the time especially since because of him her hair looks like a globe of curls. He claims he isn't a hero but when challenged he shows her his bad side. I completely forgot he shape shifts and he does so on more than one occasion. He proves himself a big help and a big pain when he picks on her in school.

Sheriff Hamstead now with only him in the police station asks for help from the Grimm's. The Grimm's actually say later on to Charming how they won't get money out of this. How do they get their money? Stockssss? lol.
-Sheriff Hamstead

Ms. Smirt makes a brief appearance where she actually ends up trying to flirt with the school counselor a.k.a. Rumpelstiltskin which can't say much for her tastes in men. It was kind of pathetic but Sabrina was right. I kind of felt bad for her. Only time ever believe me.
-Ms. Minerva Smirt

"Her jet-black hair and porcelain skin were hypnotic. Her eyes were a dazzling blue and her teeth were so white they were nearly blinding"
Snow is a Kindergarten teacher and much to Daphne's joy her teacher. She's good with little people. She proves herself to not be a damsel in distress. Has a group called the bad apples. -Snow White

Wendell is mistaken for the bad guy. He ends up joining forces with the Grimm's. His father's (the Pied Piper) ability has been passed down to him but he uses a harmonica. He narrowly escapes death. He's a little annoying with his detective spiel. Dames....
-Wendell Hamelin

Grimm Recipes

Camel Hump Soup (Mmmm.... Hump)
"The family took their seats and Granny served herself and the girls some hot soup and buttered rolls. The soup tasted like warm butterscotch pudding but Sabrina was so hungry she didn't have the strength to make her usual complaint about her grandmother's weird food."
Of course, Daphne clapped her hands happily, and cried, "I'll have more! And this time make sure there's some extra hump in there!"

Glow-in-the-Dark-Waffles (They really glow!)
"Finding little success, Granny gave up and turned her attention to serving each girl glow-in-the-dark-waffles for breakfast."

Chicken Noodle Soup (Yes. It's just chicken noodle soup)
"What are we making?" Sabrina asked sarcastically. "Kangaroo-tail soup? Cream of Fungus?"
"Chicken noodle," Granny replied.

Aw, man. I wanted more recipes!

Grimm Books

The Jungle Book
Mermaids Are People, Too
Magical Mutations of Insects, Reptiles, and Kitties
Rumpelstiltskin's Secret Nature
The Blue Fairy Book
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Mother Goose

Hall of Wonders


Hardly any.. I looked up Caliban and it is one of the primary antagonist of The Tempest by Shakespeare according to Wikipedia.

A Grimm Dictionary

"What does negligent mean?" Daphne asked.
"It means she is a failure," Ms. Smirt said, interrupting Sabrina, who usually answered Daphne's vocabulary questions. "It means she refused to do what the state requires of her. It means she is unfit!"

"What does inhabitants mean?" Daphne interrupted.
"It means people who live in a particular place," here sister answered, noting Charming's impatient face."

"Ask my sister what ridiculous means," Daphne said.
"She wants to know what..."
"I heard her!" Sabrina growled at the boy. "It means you are being silly! It means you are being a baby!"

"What's a predator?" Daphne asked.
"It's like a hunter," Sabrina replied.

"What's vermin mean?" Daphne asked.
"Rats and mice," Sabrina explained.

Daphne's Favorite Word

Punk Rock!

Love her favorite words. She even used snot in this book too.

Grimm Moments

"You don't get to make the rules, young lady," Ms. Smirt snapped.
"Then we'll just let you and Elvis work out your problems on your own," Daphne said, patting the big dog on the head. "I guess you could probably make a run for it, but you won't get far. Elvis can smell evil."

"What fun," Granny said with a smile. "I was wondering if you had heard about the human that was killed today at the elementary school?"
"Yes, I have," the Widow replied. "Want to know how I know?"
Granny nodded.
"A little bird told me," the crow replied. For a moment, there was silence. "Get it? A little bird told me?"
"That's very funny," the old woman said, as a pained smile crossed her face. Sabrina rolled her eyes, but Daphne laughed so hard she snorted.

"You're not supposed to go anywhere without me."
"Well, you're here now, let's go."
"I don't feel like it."
"Puck, it's the boiler room. I bet it's dirty and gross in there," Sabrina said, trying to play to the boy's biggest weakness--filth. "I bet there's a greasy floor you can roll around on."

"How diabolical!" Puck cried. "It's so twisted, it's brilliant!"
-After Sabrina explains dodgeball to Puck

"And send rabbits to eat us! I;m a seven-year-old girl," Daphne said. "Do you know how important bunny rabbits are to me?"

Prince Charming, Snow, and Daphne Moments

"Sheriff, let's make a new law. Children who cannot stay out of the way go to jail," he said through gritted teeth.
"You're so funny," Daphne said, smiling into the mayor's face. The little girl grabbed Charming's necktie, yanked him down to her level, and gave him a smooch on the nose. The anger melted from the man's face only to be replaced by confusion. He pulled away from the girl as if he had accidentally touched a hot stove.

"Mr Hamstead could you make sure my fiancĂ©e... I mean Ms. White gets home safely," he said, blushing over his mistake. As Snow White stood up she smiled softly, but the bright red blush on her cheeks flashed like a police siren on her pale skin.

"You don't want anything bad to happen to Ms. White," Daphne cried, "You are in love with her. You want to kiss and hug her!"
"Nonsense!" the mayor shouted. "I can't have terrorists running around the elementary school, even if I approve of who they're killing,"
"You want to write her love notes," the little girl persisted. "You want to hold her hand in the park and look at puppies in the pet store."
"Is there an Off button on this one?" Charming asked Granny Relda.

"There was something that kept me here, "Charming said, staring into her eyes. The beautiful teacher leaned over and kissed the mayor. "Billy Charming, make me a promise."
"What kind of promise?" Charming asked, somewhat breathless.
"When all this is said and done," Snow White said, "Take me to dinner."
"As long as we can leave your seven chaperones at home," Charming said with a grin.
Mr. Seven grumbled in the front seat.
"Oh, it's so romantic," Daphne blubbered. "I think I'm going to cry!"
"I think I'm going to lose my lunch," Puck groaned.

Favorite Grimm Moments

Puck putting a spider on Sabrina and her and Daphne's reaction.
"But when one wakes up to find a giant hairy spider crawling on one's face, one should be allowed to throw a hissy fit. Which was exactly what Sabrina did. And her bloodcurdling scream caused Daphne to wake up, see the spider, and scream, too. Daphne's scream just made the whole thing that much more horrible for Sabrina, so she screamed even louder, which caused the little girl to scream at her sister's scream, resulting in a mini-concert hysteria that went on and on for about five minutes."

The other one I'll point out in another post. It'll be a reaction post so stay tuned for more! Wasn't the spider one Hilarious!!!??? Well, have a Very Grimm Week!

"We're Grimms, this is what we do."


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