Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer by John Grisham

Theodore Boone has got to be the most knowledgeable 13 year old on law around. He's spend his life around judges, lawyers, police officers and court rooms and prides himself on knowing everyone in the courthouse. His mother is a divorce court lawyer who always sides with the woman while his dad is a lawyer who spends his time in the office not going near the courts which he can't possibly understand because his dream is to become a great trial lawyer. He's so into this life that he even has kids coming to him for legal advice ranging from a dog committing a second offense of  walking around without a leash to the murder of the century in his small town. There hasn't been a murder for years and he's fascinated by this one but then he suddenly finds himself in the middle of it. Theo is determined to help his client in the best way possible but what if that contradicts with all he believes is right and just?

I've never read anything by John Grisham before so let me first say WOW. I love his writing style. I can even compare it to the great Rick Riordan. It doesn't have someone as funny as Percy or anything like that. It's just brilliant writing. I wonder how can he have missed my radar for so long. I was wary to read this because some people have considered it an adult read and I don't want to read a book about a kid lawyer and it be considered an adult read. It loses all values. Those people are crazy because this is definitely a middle school read and boy what a read!

Theo was this professional and very analytic type of person and you wouldn't think you'd be able to connect with a character like that especially if he's supposed to be a kid but you'd be dead wrong. Grisham creates this great character with all the qualities of an adult but also he creates a vulnerable side which you especially see when he gets in the thick of it. I would so love being his friend. I'd feel confident that he always has my back because he always does with the kids he helps again even when he is in the thick of it.

I expect great things with the next book... Theodore Boone: The Abduction. One this book was amazing and Two it just ended not as a cliffhanger but there's obviously so much more to add to the story. I expect it to be more dramatic too. You know in the first book how they are introducing the characters and giving you a feel on how they are, their personality, etc. It didn't drag on which I'm not saying. That aspect was perfect. I'm just saying there is so much more drama yet to come and I can't wait for it. And last but not least I expect more from his friend April well at least I hope. She has a lot of potential of being his number 2 and hopefully since I didn't see her being quite so strong in this book she can become a strong female character. So this book scored high for me. I even gave it to my friend to borrow so if you know if that happens the book is worthy of praise.


  1. I read this book and enjoyed it. I have also read books that he has written for adults. I like the way Theo went about solving different cases. I can't wait for the next one in the series. Great review!

    1. Were his books written for adults like this one? Were they as good?
      Thanks (:


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