My Name Is Olivia... and I Can't do Anything About It by Jowi Schmitz

Release Date: May 1st 2012
Olivia's mother has died and she is waiting for her in the form of an urn. It has to be mailed because her father and her moved to another town leaving her Grandma and Grandpa who think her father is very immature (which he is) behind. But it's only temporary. She doesn't need any friends especially not Sasha the boy everyone makes fun of or needs to worry about Milena and her friends teasing her or her not being able to live in a boat in the backyard of her dad's barbershop. It's only temporary after all.

Olivia's story is one I've come across plenty of times. Well not as quite as unique as her situation but a parent-dying-and-trying-to-pick-up-the-pieces type of story. She hasn't really let it out and let herself cry even though they are a "tolerant family." That right there and other things make the book really weird to me. Her father is always crying and I'm always thinking how the mother didn't get frustrated with him and yell at him because he acts just like a kid. And I mean JUST like a kid.

A lot of the story was a bit odd to me like it shouldn't be for someone in Elementary (well maybe fifth grade) more like Middle School but I still found it enjoyable at times like Sasha was an interesting part of it. I just wish I could have had more... I knew right away what was going on and don't like when that happens. I rather be surprised when the protagonist is but that's just me. All in all it was a nice read about a girl letting go.


  1. Hmmm. I have never heard of this one. The title makes me a little curious about the book and I enjoyed your honest review. :)

    Thanks for following stopping by my blog. I am following yours now.



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