Welcome, Caller, This Is Chloe by Shelley Coriell

Release Date: May 1st 2012
Chloe is the personality out of her group of three friends. Merc is the brains and Brie is the beauty. She has a passion for shoes, soap operas, and everyone she loves. She's always there for them when they need a laugh but now after a winter break without her best friends she is abruptly hit with her friends cold eyes and wavering friendship. Brie is none to happy with her and Merc follows her lead. Having no idea what is going on she is left outcast and she soon finds herself with the outcasts. Her crazy counselor disapproves of her former JISP, a program each student has to do to help the community, and forces her to join the tanking school radio. She is definitely not welcomed by this cast especially Clementine a.k.a. nose-ring girl who's attitude towards her can be matched by Brie's new one. However she is welcomed by the quiet yet handsome Duncan who's always there to fix everything. Can he fix her broken heart?

I needed Chloe! I've become absolutely obsessed and in love with a book that has anything to do with music (it's more to do with radio but it's still in the same area as music). I was so scared it would disappoint. I wanted another A Little Wanting Song. I found not another A Little Wanting Song but the great Chloe. She's a nonstop talker ready with a joke in hand and her heart on her sleeve. When she said seriously with wide eyes "Free burritos" I laughed out loud! I was hooked. Chloe won my heart.

Duncan also was a great part of the story. I loved his scarves. He reminded me of Mako:

He seriously broke my heart this week... anyways Duncan had a hard life and Chloe had to deal with some stuff. "Stuff" being her grandmother slowly losing it with Parkinson's. Her grandmother is just like her well she's just like her grandmother. She's this great spirit but she's stubborn and doesn't want to leave her Tuna Can - that's what she calls her home by the sea. She deeply worries for her but with her mom and her arguing all the time she feels like nothing will ever be resolved. They'll be at odds forever.

I thoroughly enjoyed the bantering of Queen Chloe and her Jester but there was one thing lacking... They all had to deal with some big issues but I didn't really feel them. It was a lighthearted book so I get it but drug abuse? It should feel like the worlds shaking for them but I still understand because this type of story doesn't read well with dark subjects like that. You will love Chloe anyways because she absolutely entertaining and hilarious. This debut novel shows great potential of Coriell and it'll be great to see what she comes up with next.


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