Speaking for the Trees

So the other day I went to the movies with my mom to watch The Lorax. I know aren't I a bit too old for a Dr.Seuss movie? Well I beg to differ first of all I will always act like a kid and second of all this movie was an amazing watch that speaks a universal truth. We need to save the trees because we can't live without them. Literally. I haven't read the book myself but now I plan on it so this is all about the movie. Dr. Seuss would be proud of this movie. I know he would be.

So it all starts with ted well kind of.. but whatever. I'll get to that later. Ted  likes Audrey and Audrey likes trees. There are no trees in Sneedville because everything is plastic and they like it like that. There is the evil businessmen that sells air because the regular air is polluted and there are no Truffula trees. They're replaced by plastic trees. There are two musical (what did you expect?) scenes that makes fun of this. So Ted wants to get her a tree so with the help of his grandmother he is guided towards the Once-ler who knows where to find the trees. But first he tells him his story and that's the guy cutting down trees. In the end you get a great tale that everyone needs to see!

The Young Once-ler causing some trouble
For some unknown reason all the animals are either birds or fish or bears. Cute bears but still.
Why is it that everyone who is evil is short?

It kind of made me feels bad because I read books... that require paper but honestly I'll keep reading books. But it really made me want to recycle. I discovered a couple of things: 

This video is quite interesting. I went to the website and found that there are a bunch of hiking areas and parks near me. Now that's big because I want to be an outdoorsy type of person. And I've wanted to hike since forever so that was pretty fantastic. The images are Lorax parties which I think are adorable. It was pretty hilarious that Danny DeVito plays a character on a children's movie. You would know why if you have ever seen It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia which I don't recommend to everyone. It's really dark humor and just... not for everyone. Well It's almost time for my brother's 23rd birthday party so I'll be off. Have a great day!