Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick

Last time Nora Grey met Patch, a fallen angel, and she fell for him (cheesy I know) and even after discovering that he wanted to kill her so he can turn human (I don't understand that) she forgave him and now they've been with each other for two months. The greatest two months she has ever had. But Patch is being secretive and of course, you knew it was going to happen, broke up. What they broke up over I can't really wrap my head around. It's supposed to be because of her archenemy Marcie but I really just hated the way she acted. She was so whiny and accusing for no reason. Later on she should have not felt anything or done anything. Yeah he was with Marcie. What's it to you? You broke up with him!!! So there is my rant. I won't go into it anymore because it seriously ruined most of the book.

 I kept reading because I had to know what happened. The end got interesting and made the book worth reading. She's had images of her father's death and she finds out who killed her father. There also comes in a new boy in her life which is to be expected in YA already. His name is Scott and he is quite annoying. He's also a tiny bit psycho but really Nora was acting more psycho in this book then he was most of the time. He used to make her eat bugs when they were little... and he has anger issues. You know he's no good so have fun reading it. And getting very angry with Nora. I'll continue the series because despite this little snag in the books I think it'll get better. Hopefully...