Jump by Elisa Carbone

P.K. isn't doing so well at school and her parents have had enough so there shipping her off to boarding school miles and miles away. But P.K. is going to have the last word. Before they send her off she's going to run away. Not for long. Just long enough for her parents to change their minds. They just don't get her like her friends parents. I mean she showed them a book of teenage rebellion and she was allowed to study for classes at home. Not P.K.'s parents. So she wants to go on an adventure but no one wants to go with her until this boy walks in and he volunteers rights away. She doesn't know anything about him and that's fine by her... for now.

That boy I was talking about? Well his name is Critter and he's just got out of a psych ward. He has these really weird ideas about life. He sees the light of people so he can tell what their moods are.  He has different philosophies about life and his parents just think he is insane. He had to get out of there. His parents never gave him a chance. So he's hitchhiking with P.K. this incredible cute girl that no one wants to go with. Life's a hundred percent adventure. There is no past or future only now. And now he's not going to worry about the cops or being locked up again. But what happens when he starts to really fall for the girl? Will he be able to let her get hurt because of his problems?

LOVED THIS BOOK! So beautiful.... I want more books like this. I love nature books/sport books like this. And I kind of like books about crazy people. But Critter isn't crazy... well it depends on your point of view but he's just weird to me. I really cared for Critter and that... that AUTHOR! RUINED MY LIFE FOR A SECOND! That was messed up... you know what you did. But then there is P.K. and she was like sort of the stable one. She's like you when you're reading about Critter. Lack of a better word she's the sane one. I understand some of what Critter was saying but some of the things just went over my head honestly. Basically live your life to the fullest.

Her parents were killing me! Both of their parents in fact. P.K.'s parents and Critter's needed to listen to their children. Everything could be solved if you just listened. Critter's parents at the end... I realized they didn't really care. There are a couple of loose ends at the end but that's too be expected. In the end this book left me wanting more... more books like this and more stories that are deep in its way like this. It was so rewarding.


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