Every Man for Himself: Ten Short Stories About Being A Guy

I know you may be wondering why I would be reading a book about guys. A book with urinals in the front cover. Well one day I left all my books at home on a school day and I knew last block would be torture without one so I sent my friend's off on a quest to find me a short book to read and after a few attempts this one was a winner. I really have no problem reading about guys even fictional so I was like what the hey! I'll go for it. And I was pleasantly surprised with how great these short stories were. They are written by ten male authors that you may or might know. I happen to know about Walter Dean Myers (I have never read a book by him myself. I attempted but failed.) Mo Willems who wrote the Knuffle Bunny and the Pigeon Series (Also haven't read but they are also pretty famous), and Terry Truman who wrote Stuck in Neutral (Again...etc.).

I really liked I think all of the stories. Some more than others and this was actually good because i found some new authors and made new discoveries. I'll tell you about two stories so you get the idea of the book. The first story was by Walter Dean Myers called The Prom Prize where this high school basketball player joked to his loudmouthed friend that maybe he'll have a lottery to see who he goes with to the dance because he really didn't care. So of course his friend thinks it's serious and sets the whole thing up so he's put in this tough spot and then later he gets into another tough spot when a white girl is chosen as his date. He doesn't care but everyone else has an opinion on it which causes nothing but trouble for him.

The second story (the first two stories happen to be my favorite ones) is by Rene Saldana Jr. called Jump Away where the main character and some other boys need to prove that the "are tough" or I don't really know or they'll bet beat on by this group of bullies. The leader is taunting all of them but the main character isn't fazed. He's not scared but he wonders why is here? Why should he follow what they say and not what he wants?

This book was pretty awesome and well worth the read. Girls who don't mind "boy" books should pick it up as well as boys.


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