Finally Watching The Hunger Games Movie

I don't know how long the anticipation has been there for this movie. Months of waiting. First it was just for the people to be cast then it was just the actual movie to hurry up and come out! Al the interviews, sneak previews were torture. But finally, FINALLY! I watched it. I didn't see it at the midnight premiere like I wanted but no matter. She here's what I thought:

I know that I was over analyzing the movie. It was just happening to fast for me which I still think it's true when looking back. There wasn't enough time to actually get to know the characters or I mean just... it was just everything was fast motion. I also actually never see the characters I read as real people. They're like drawings of the characters not real people so it was really weird to just have them there. By the end though and when my dad was asking questions I knew I had seen a fantastic movie no matter if it was weird for me. It wasn't as great as the book but it was like a separate entity. It was great seeing the book come to life and actually visually experience it.

Things were added to the movie and some things weren't put in and other things were changed which is to be expected. I loved that it wasn't just Katniss's point of view. It was also Seneca Crane's well the Capitol's and what was happening in the background. It was a great idea to add that. We don't really know much of Seneca Crane just that he died so it was cool that they added that.

Best Beard Ever!

I noticed that Katniss was much nicer. I always thought she was playing Peeta and she could be a real pain but she was perfect in the movie. She much more cared about Peeta and the others then her own survival. I don't know she just seemed nicer like at the end with Cato. I didn't mind it.

The Careers were unexpectedly awesome. I loved Alexander Ludwig as Cato and
really wish he could do more movies in the future.

Just one last thing...Peeta at the last interview with Katniss looked amazing! He was pretty cute then. This was GREAT movie I'm so glad I wasn't disappointed. I was so worried that I would be but I wasn't so I'm happy.

When he looks at the crowd is when he looks his best *gush*

I wonder if they're going to make four movies instead of three...?

*With the librarian the other day I got over it. I'll just never try to ask her a question again sheesh! Another thing is hat I reached my limit in the number of books I can take out which is fifty. At least I know now. It shouldn't be too hard to read three short books by Monday to get the three books I left. I actually might have to read four because one is being shipped to me. It's kind of bothersome to have to read a certain amount to get new books but whatever. I'll have to deal with it.


  1. This movie looks great! I'm going to see it tomorrow, so I hope I like it as much as you did!
    And your library limit is 50?! Mines 20!

  2. You're going to see it on a Monday? I hope you like it too (:

    That's ridiculous! I feel luckier that mine is 50 then. I know in smaller towns it's always less for some reason.

  3. Yeah! I'm on independent study from school for the next few weeks, so I'm taking the opportunity to see the movie when it's not busy!
    And I know! I live in a pretty small town, so that might be the reason why my limits so much smaller then yours. :P

  4. Replies
    1. YES! It was amazing and I loved it. (:

    2. Yay! XD
      I think I have a problem... I already want to watch it again.

    3. Haha! Then I must have a problem too. When I went to see it I went with just one person so I could get the full experience, but this weekend I'm going with my friends... :P

    4. Argh! That's a good idea. I only went with one person this time around. I really wanted to wait till the movie came out on DVD but I don't know... The second time around with a group should be interesting especially if it's girls! When they squeal at the romancy parts it's not a big deal if you do either :P

      Have fun!

    5. Yeah it was pretty nice and then they kept asking questions because they hadn't read the book. :P I was like really... It was required our freshman year to read it!

    6. Oh wow. I had a feeling they were going to ask questions. It sounds like something that would happen to me because of how my friends/parents are.

  5. I absolutely loved this movie! One of the best movies I've seen this year so far. The actors did a fantastic job! I loved Haymitch :D

    Now I'm reading the books (for the first time, yes..)

    1. Hahaha! Your comment about reading it the first time and adding yes... you knew I was going to say something didn't you?

      Enjoy the books! :D


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