Where have you been all my life? (The Whisper)

How did I not know the second book of The Roar was being sold already? February 1st 2012 was when it first was sold and I should have been there. I am sorry The Whisper. After reading The Roar last month and it instantly being one of my favorites I need to get it  sooo bad. Started today with my infiltration of the parent's mind. Will get you soon. Don't worry.

"Suddenly alert to the microchips implanted in their brains, the army of stolen children revolts! But the response of the tyrant Mal Gorman is swift and brutal: He quickly quells the mutiny, sweeping up the fleeing children in spiked nets like so many trapped fish and dragging them back to their training camp.

Juiced by potent Everlife pills, the once cadaver-like Gorman has chemically reversed the aging process; his diabolical mind is now powered by the body of a teenager. But psychic twins Ellie and Mika can read his every evil thought, and they refuse to let him wage his battles. Using their mutant powers, they abduct Gorman and take him beyond the Wall, to the wildlife he so fears. Before all-out war erupts, the brother and sister are determined to reconcile humankind with nature -- and to free the captive children."

Gorman as a teenager is going to make this book oh so much more interesting. Can't wait. Thank you so much Emma Clayton for these books!


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