Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen by Christopher McDougall

"Let us live so that when we come to die, even the undertaker will be sorry"-Mark Twain
It all started when Christopher McDougall got one too many injuries. He visited specialist and they all told him the same thing: stop running. He was a big guy and the way he ran and the impact he was putting on his legs and feet were just too much. But how can he just give up on running when he loved it tremendously? He needed to find a way to become injury free or at least have less injuries and he found it in the Tarahumara. The greatest runners in the world who lived secluded with canyons and treacherous places that just made them who they are. They are the ultrarunners fall ultrarunners. And if you don't know what an ultrarunner is it's a person who can run at least 100 miles in the roughest terrain out there even in Death Valley. Yeah that Death Valley where the sun bares down on you and you can be fine one minute and sprawled on the floor the next in you aren't careful.

So those are the Tarahumara. The best runners out there. Christopher needed to find out there secrets and he was going to do it with the Caballo Blanco. An American who went Indian and are friends with the Tarahamura. He lives in the same terrain as them anyways so he must know something. And when he does the mysterious suspicious Caballo is actually okay with him. He caught him in a moment in his life where before he would have just run off but he was perfect. Because he just so happened needed someone to spread the word about a race he was setting up. One where the Tarahamura and the best American runners would go head to head. In the greatest race in the world.

Wow. This book just blew me out of the water. It was so awe inspiring, insightful, and just fantastic. McDougall treats his writing like its an art form. It must have taken him years to write this. Every chapter written so perfectly to follow the next. I was learning a new things while joining him on his crazy adventure. I would never barefoot run but cushioned shoes do make less sense to me. Us being made into runners millions of years ago and tribes actually using the technique to outrun animals for food was so... I don't know.... Cool! This shows us how we can be. The ultrarunners and even regular runners are inspiring.

I've felt the happiness and exhilaration that is running once before but now I don't think so. I mean it was just me on the treadmill and it's not like I was going that long either. But it was still wonderful. Me caked in sweat but it felt so good. I guess it accomplishment that I felt? It was just a fantastic feeling and I'm rambling on like this because this book made me want to run again. But actually run outside. It's because I'm self conscience. That's why I never run outside. It's actually harder to run outside. It's such a big difference. But I'm trying to exercise and run again. And right now my calves are burning at this very moment! And it's exciting because running is just that: exciting. It's fantastic and thrilling and what everybody should be doing. This book should be read by everyone. Not just runners and wannabe runners (me). The story connects so well and shows you so much. I loved it.


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