Poison Most Vial: A Mystery by Benedict Carey

Release Date: April 1st 2012

Ruby Rose's father is going to jail. That is if she doesn't solve the mystery of Dr. Ramachandran's death, a forensic scientist who works at the DeWitt Lab. Her father is a janitor there and with him being the one giving him tea that day plus the vials found in his locker he is the prime suspect. Ruby knows her father didn't do it... well mostly didn't think he did it.

Rose moved about a year ago but still hasn't settled in. She still thinks of Lillian often, her best friend, and is sad that she hasn't called at her anymore. She goes to the DeWitt school. There the "little gods" are treated superior to the regular kids. You can get demoted there if you have anger issues, hack online databases... you know things like that. She has one friend there: Rex who actually looks like a T-Rex. Small arms, big head, wickedly evil smile. So there in it together throughout. Some other characters get added to the mix later. Mrs. Whitmore a.k.a. the Window Lady. She never leaves her house and she just happens to be a forensic scientist so she knows a little bit about poison. The three of them will help solve the case and save Ruby's dad.

There are a couple of suspects. Roman the day janitor who's angry in a quiet way and Dean Touhy or Dean Tubby like everybody calls him who's job depends on Ramachandran. There are four grad students too: Lydia who is a mess and was the one who was supposed to bring tea to Ramachandran, Victor who wants to take over the Lab, Grace who maybe has a drug problem, and Wade who despised Ramachandran's rules. Who's the killer?

I felt it was rushed in the beginning. Instantly she was trying to solve the case. I was worried I wouldn't be able to get to know Ruby but as soon as Mrs. Whitmore came in the scene I felt better. Her perspective of the kids helped me get into the story more. Then I grew fond of Ruby and Rex. Ruby who took charge when her father needed her and Rex her loyal companion who even went to the Davenport Towers with her as well as Mrs. Whitmore who was supposed to have a glass eye that could fall out in any moment. It was actually a very good mystery. I didn't really know what to expect going into it so it was interesting to see how it all unfolded. It was pretty good. I did like it. It just didn't blow me out of the water. I actually expected it to be sillier but it was actually very intricate. It was all in all a good kid's mystery that made you wonder.


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