Unearthly by Cynthia Hand

2nd book for the Speculative Fiction Challenge 2012!

I never thought I'd be reading let alone reviewing a book about angels but here we go. Clara is part angel. More specifically she is a quarter angel. Her mother is half angel. And her grandfather was a full fledged angel. She has a brother named Jeffery who does any sport under the sun even though she and him are not supposed to flaunt their skills. Everything comes easier to them and they can't really help it. She's been having visions of her purpose. All angels have their own purpose in why they are on earth. She envisions a boy and she's suddenly sad. They know each other but she doesn't know his name. He's in front of a wall of fire and then... she snaps out of it. Her visions just happen all of a sudden. She can be in class, talking to a friend, or driving on an icy road... yeah. It's not a very safe ability. She finally has the vision that pinpoints his location. So from sunny California they go to great out doors in Wyoming. She wonders what she has to do. What is her purpose? Does she save him? And how can she if she still doesn't even know how to fly? Instantly she sees his truck and learns his name. Christian. How ironic. She stumbles with trying to get to know him meanwhile making friends. Some who are a bit out there. As well as making enemies on her first day. Two of them. Just for existing. That's what she says in the book. As the visions draw clearer she gets closer to Christian and unexpectedly someone else.

OH.MY.GOODNESS! I feel like such a teenage girl. I feel like I'm still blushing because I'm such a girl... The beginning didn't start off with her finding out that she was part angel and I thought that that was just a shame. She acted like the whole angel thing was no big deal but I eventually got over it. I didn't read the summary or at least I didn't remember it because I didn't know I was reading about angels. Instantly I went ugh when I was reading about it. But with all this romance it just makes a girl change her mind completely. I loved this love triangle. You got happy for both of them. And you felt sorry too. The ending is crazy. With her brother and the vision... all these questions hanging in the air. Clara was a little iffy for me. Probably because she acted like such a teenager but can I really blame her? She was just a little hard to like in the beginning but I ended up liking her after she went to school and met some friends. It gets really interesting with the fallen angels being in the mix too. I CAN'T WAIT till the next one comes out this year!!!


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