Deadly Little Lies by Laurie Faria Stolarz

I know! I have been a horrible blogger... Well here I am trying to redeem myself (:
Warning: If you haven't read Deadly Little Lies you shouldn't read this review unless you want some things spoiled for you. I warned you...

It's seems like just yesterday that I read and reviewed Deadly Little Lies. And... oh wait. It has been only just a couple of days! I don't usually do that. Read books so close together unless I was really impressed with the first and really want to know what happened. So you know I really wanted to know what happened. The ending didn't leave a good taste in my mouth. As you know I didn't like Ben so you know that he didn't win any points for me by up and leaving. And again. This time around I didn't like him either... let me just tell you what the book is about first.

Camelia is feeling heartbroken after Ben just left after saving her life. Now I can't get how she can like him so much. Yeah he saved your life but he is still incredibly creepy. Okay I said I wouldn't go there yet so I'll stop now. It's a new year and it's just after winter break when there's a rumor that he's coming back. Could it be true? Could Ben be coming back because he really can't live without her.... ugh. She's been getting to me. Before that there has been some pranks going around and she seems the main victim. More cryptic notes and pictures cause her to believe that she is in danger once again and with Ben being so standoffish she feels even more scared. Then there's Adam who is new at her job. A perfect excuse to leave Ben alone like he wants well... he's acting even more weird. Wanting be far away from her sometimes and yet is always there. And then she is having weird stuff not only happening to her but by her...

Didn't like this one as much as the first. It had a diary entry in the middle and it was a girl. After awhile I realized who it was. Her mom's sister. It's important and is interesting but it really is more for the next book and not this one. Everything seems to be set up for the next book which is quite annoying. Now. Ben. He just annoys me to my very core. And she is just frustrating. I can't believe her. I wouldn't want him touching me at all. It's got some good twists but not as great as the first. I think I just really want to know how this is going to end because I know I'm going to read the next one and finish the series. The first book sucked me in... Hopefully the next one will be better.


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