Steel by Carrie Vaughn

I have never read a pirate book.... you're getting excited already aren't you? Yes, my friends I said a pirate book. And not just any pirate book (I don't think you can ever say that with a book liked this but whatever) a pirate book with time travel.

Jill is a Fencer. Once she started she never looked back but now her resent loss is starting to get to her. Half a second. That's all it took. And she knows she shouldn't be moping especially while she's on vacation in the Caribbean but she can't stop thinking about it. She finally gives in to her mother's persistence and joins her and the rest of her family on the beach. She takes a walk and seems to walk endlessly to a place that just illuminates peace and quiet. She just wants to leave. She doesn't want the pressure. And then that's when she feels something at her feet. It doesn't feel like a shell... She leans down and picks up a rust covered sword. Not just any sword. A rapier. What her fencing originated out of. It must have been there for hundreds of years! She could give it to a museum... It's only a part of a rapier but she still pockets it and before she knows it she's not on vacation. She is not with her family. There are a bunch of men who surround her. Big, burly men with gold piercings and menacing weapons. She's on a pirate ship. It's the rapier. She knows it. It's the key to getting her out of there but she doesn't know how. Maybe the Captain's connection to it can lead her back home. Meanwhile she befriends another pirate her age that has a sly grin on his face all the time. As well as discover adventure on the high seas and that maybe her life isn't as bad as she thought it was.

Well first of all it's a pirate book so I liked it instantly. I mean when do you get to read about pirates anymore? It completely entrapped me into their world and I loved every minute of it. Jill was a bit annoying sometimes. It was brief little moments. The whole pressure situation and seeing something that gives her a revelation that she could have it worse seemed kind of fake. Well... unnatural the way it was written. I did like her otherwise. She's got guts. I have a hard time believing the captain was so nice and she was a girl. I know there has been girl pirates and I should think this all a good thing but it was still weird to me. I just didn't like how she was presented. It was a very interesting and fun book to read. I would have never thought I'd be reading a book about pirates or time travel. It was something completely new so I liked it for that. I'd like to read one now that had less back story. I just want pure adventure.


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