Library Saturday #1

Thought I start Library Saturday just for me because others like this don't really pertain to me. I love my library and I'll usually go every Saturday to the library. Thought you guys might want to know what I'm reading and what I'll be reviewing soon with just a little info on why I wanted to read the book. It's been one of those weeks... so this is something to replace all those reviews that were supposed to be on here already. I have four planned so be prepared soon. So without further ado here are my library books this week:
This has been a book I've been wanting to read for a year now before I found out how awesome the library system was. Books about ghosts and it's a dead boyfriend? Yes. I will read you.
Can you say Cover Love? This is definitely one of them. Was proposed on Goodreads as a group read. It's about witches and after Hex Hall I can't wait to read more. And well... the cover is awesome.
Everyone has read this so I'm giving up to peer pressure and reading it already. It better not disappoint. 
Recommended on Goodreads by a friend. It's Jerry Spinellli so... I mean he has produced two books that have become my favorites: Maniac Magee and Wringer. The premise is also something that made me want to read it. The main character having the name Primrose helped too. Basically this book is very promising.
I think it was the cover that made me want this book mostly. It's also something different and the name attracted me to it. Finding why a father killed himself. You don't read that everyday. Suicide has always intrigued me. Reading about it. 
Heard about this on the Today Show or something like that. A boy seeing Heaven. How I wish I could... unfortunately I heard that it was from the parents point of view but we'll still see.
Not the cover I got but I like this one better. Recommended it to me on Goodreads as well. Have seen it before and I like the idea of a prison for "juveniles". It could be interesting. 
Recommended to me yes again on Goodreads (I love that website) by a friend who'll usually rate things as okay and he rated this one really liked so it should be good. And it's the famous Tomie dePaola so... yeah.
Another book that was proposed as a group read. Loving the name and it seems so creepily good with the whole flawed face thing. Another book you don't read everyday. Giving me the chills.
For a challenge on Goodreads. It's about the Sandman... awesome right? And it reminds me of the Powerpuff Girls? I'll read you.
I've been wanting to read this for like ever!!! Sorry about the like ever... but it's true. I loved The Wednesday Wars and Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy so when I saw this. Him going on a trip with a boy who I think was responsible if not involved with his brother's fatal car accident. This book will be a good journey.

So that's the end of my long post. I never have had this much books taken with me on one day from the library but I'm not complaining. Just saying it might not be this long next time.  So look out for these reviews coming out soon... hopefully.


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