Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins

First of all there is no cat in this book so I don't know what's up with the cat in the cover. Maybe representing witchcraft? Weird.

Sophie Mercer is a witch. She's known since she was 12. 3 years ago. Her mother left her father after he confessed that he was a warlock and believing he was crazy left him but when Sophie was born she quickly learned the ways of magic and witchcraft. She is constantly worried about her and for good reason. She's lived in 19 states in her short life. Finally she goes too far and her father sends her packing to Hecate Hall a.k.a. Hex Hall a boarding school for Prodigium. Prodigium are witches, faeries, and shapeshifters (not necessarily werewolves).  All of the kids have been sent there on account of their bad behavior in the real world. Here at Hex Hall they will learn all about themselves and how to stop revealing their magic in front of "normal" people. And as our main character of course there comes trouble in the form of three other girl witches who claim she has great power like them and want her to join their coven. Her? A powerful witch? She's not powerful. She can't conjure any really great power and anyways it always goes wrong. These girls are particularly mean about it too. But before that she met a smart alec boy who of course has to be totally hot and way out of her league. The type of boy every girl crushes on. And then she finds out that she's bunking with the school's outcast. The vampire who has been sent here because of a program kind of like a foreign exchange student. Oh yeah. A ghost likes to stare at her but no one else seems to see it. Will she be able to survive and fit in? For her sake she better hope so because something or someone dangerous is just lurking in the shadows having their eye on her.

Sophie's personality makes you like her instantly. I HEART witches so I'm glad her character was done right. The whole thing is kind of typical. The boy she cannot get and girls who just hate her guts. But it is also what makes it good. Going that way the author still was able to let me fall in love with the characters and the story. There are some interesting things that occur to her. The end was the most interesting of course making sure you want to read the next ones. I would have never expected it. I actually liked the love interest Archer especially since he wasn't that bad boy that I thought he was going to be. He was actually pretty sweet right away and very likable. So was Jenna the Vampire. You really felt sorry for her with all the things going on. You know I detect another love interest going on later in the books. See if you can guess who when you read it. It was a really good read and I'm pretty happy that I read it. I should be reading the others soon because honestly I haven't read a witch ya for awhile or a witch book in general and I couldn't put this one down so I'm going to grasp on to that magic tightly. Here's me hoping that the others are as good as this one. Happy reading!

P.S. I've noticed in the acknowledgement page in this one and maybe Hush, Hush that they thank authors. And basically the same authors I read seem to be friends. Like she thanked Lindsey Leavitt- Sean Griswold's Head and Becca Fitzpatrick- Hush, Hush which I've both read and reviewed. Thought it was interesting and sweet.


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