Stardust by Neil Gaiman

Now I've seen the movie Stardust so I'll be comparing it to the book at the end. It's basically the same thing with some differences. Every nine years there is a market outside the city of Wall. The Wall is a farming town and there is an 18 year old boy named Tristran (I'm calling him Tristan from now on like the movie) who has a sister 6 months younger than him and unbeknownst to him his mother is not his mother. His father went to this same market 18 years ago and fell in love with a woman after a gentlemen agreed to pay him for letting him stay at his house. He gives him his heart's desire I think he calls it for him and his child. His father never told him this and he has never thought to question it. His "mother" always stares at him oddly but he doesn't know why. He's fallen in love with Victoria Forester who every boy or man even has too. He will give her anything and then he promises her a fallen star that he sees. She just laughs at him but he sets out in search for the star. And when he finds it to his surprise it is not a clump of rock but a girl who is the star and so he and she set about to go home to his city of Wall to show her to his one true love. Unfortunately the star called Yvaine doesn't take to kindly to this and with her broken leg and her ever present foul mood it is hard for him to take here there. Add that to the princes of Stromhold who are chasing after because what made her fall, a topaz necklace, is the key to them being named king. Also, there are a couple of witches that want her heart to make them younger. All in all it's going to be one crazy adventure.

So I loved this movie. It was a sweet tale of love and magic. I'm glad they changed his name to Tristan in the movie because Tristran was utterly annoying me. The name not the person. The movie was more light and funny. It was more of a family movie maybe not for the young ones though. This one has a little bit of something so I wouldn't recommend it for younger teenagers. It was pretty amusing how Tristan had one pointy ear like his mother. His mother had cat ears which you didn't see in the movie. The book and the movie had the same back story but the book of course had a little more background. The difference is the comedy of it and a little of the ending. The book didn't show that much love between the two. I mean you couldn't see it blossom. That's what I really wanted. It didn't seem much of a relationship. The writing was whimsical but it lacked what the movie could give. I still liked it but the movie was better. I have to watch it now!


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