The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley

Flavia is not the ordinary type of eleven year old girl that you'd find anywhere. She's a bit of a genius. She lives with her Father an avid stamp collector who's never been the same since his lovely wife dies when Flavia was one. There is also Ophelia and Daphne her sisters or Feely and Daffy respectively. Ophelia does "nothing" but look at herself in the mirror. Daphne always has her head stuck in a book. She is the youngest of the bunch and due to that she is particularly tortured but who knows who started all the fighting because the way Flavia acts it could have been anyone. They are always taking revenge on each other. They act like they don't care about each other but in their weird way I guess they do... The thing that most irritates Flavia about her sisters is the memories they have of her mother Harriet. She absolutely despises those memories. Yeah she's a bit crazy but if you think about it she's eleven.

Also, she is always stuck up in her lab. She loves chemistry and when she finds a dead body in her cucumber patch she thinks instantly that he must have been poisoned. You see she has a particular passion for poison. *evil grin*

The beginning of the book is probably the best start to a story I've ever read. It was just amazing. Flavia is quite the character. She is quite ingenious. Her antics are pretty hilarious at times. She's just so sly. The story with her kind of dragged on for me. I don't know but it wasn't that bad.

Dogger, the gardener at the time, is sooo lovable. He's the sweetest guy trying to look after her all the time. Her relationship with him was the best. I didn't really care for Mrs. Mullet the cook. She's the type of adult that you would roll your eyes at behind her back. Her Father too was a pain. He wasn't much of a father. Flavia was sooo evil to Ophelia. I didn't understand what she was doing to her at the beginning but later on when she mentioned it again I had my mouth hanging open. What a pain!

Now to the mystery. Oh wait before that the Inspector in charge kind of reminded me of Flavia with the way he thought and how he pulled the puzzle pieces together. It ends there because Flavia was kind of insane. I think she was too smart for her own good and when she didn't like something she had temper tantrums. I' regarding the revenge tactics she took with her sisters who were no angels either but still. Anyway it did keep me guessing throughout most of the book so I applaud that. It was interesting how the stories were all pulled together. The end did not disappoint. But as I wrote earlier it kind of dragged on. It was just long... Don't get me wrong it wasn't a bad book. I actually really enjoyed it for the most part. In the end I'll be reading the others in the series.

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