The Education of Hailey Kendrick by Eileen Cook

Hailey is going to one of the top school's in the country. Well it's where all the rich kids go. She's the type of person who colors in the lines. She always follows the rules. She's always felt she needed to be perfect since her grandmother sat her down and told her that she needed to help her father out. Why? Her mother died when she was 12. Her mother was just crossing the street and a drunk driver killed her. She didn't even think to worry when her mother didn't pick her up and hours later she was found at school still. She never thought anything was wrong and couldn't explain it to others when she was asked. But, everything changed. So she knows everything that can kill you and the statistics of it which is pretty sad.

For almost four years she's been at this school and for almost all that time she's been with her boyfriend Tristan. The most popular guy in school. But then something happens and her world becomes upside down. Now everyone stops talking when she walks in the room and stare at her accusingly. She did something so wrong that not even her boyfriend will talk to her.

Wow. This book is not even remotely what I thought it would be like. First of all I didn't know they were this rich bunch of kids I'll be reading about. It is kind of thrown at you with the first page talking about this girl's area. I was like Okay! I was already writing up the review in my mind saying what a disappointment this book was. Talking about popularity. Blah. Blah. Blah. But wait! Then comes in Drew *sly grin* (Yes sly. I'm changing it up people!). He's pretty sarcastic and very amusing. He just made me like Hailey a lot more. The whole relationship was unexpected... maybe not for you now... whatever. You'll like him. And anyway the book summary suggests it so there!

Oh my goodness her father.... I wanted to smack him. I would totally zone out if one of my loved ones died too. I kind of understand but poor Hailey. This line really sums it up:

"What about us?" (The Dad) "Just that. There is no us anymore. I don't even know if you like me."

See? Sadness... Some other quotes I'm just going to put in here because they stood out to me, made me smile, and are awesome. This first one was talking about Karaoke.

"I'm not sure I should be singing at all. My throat's been a bit sore. I might be coming down with something." I held my hand to my throat and tried to look wan. Drew laughed. "Do not go into a life of crime. You suck at lying."

"Dozing,huh? You always snore like a truck driver when you snore?" "I wasn't snoring," I insisted. "Oh, I'm sorry. You weren't snoring. You were simply choking to death on a live ferret."

"There are two kinds of people in this world. People who are a part of what happens and people who sit back and watch other people make it happen. Life isn't supposed to be a spectator sport. It's supposed to be messy."

The last one I'm pretty sure I've heard before except maybe the messy part. Reading through the last quote I thought how much I was like Hailey. Playing it safe. Not living how I should be. Everyone's like that too. They don't seem to be aware of it. Well not everyone but most people. Anyways this book surprised me of how good it was. I'd so recommend it.


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