Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl

Ethan can't wait to get out of Gatlin. His small town prison. He has posters everywhere on where he would like to go. All the places he reads about are on there. Well don't tell anyone else because he is a basketball player and in this small town it's not cool to read books. That's why he has all of them hidden under his bed.

He lives with Amma who raised his father and now is raising him. She puts charms everywhere that are kind of creepy but also pretty thoughtful. She's a crossword loving cooking machine. Now you may have noticed that I said she is raising him. His mother died and his father just lost it. He hardly comes out of his room and is always stuck there writing his novel. He loved his mother and now it seems he's losing his father.

For months Ethan has been having dreams about this girl that feel almost real. She slips from his grasp as they both fall into darkness. He wakes up smelling Rosemary and Lemons with mud caked under his fingernails. Sophomore year comes with the surprise of the actual girl going to his school and the biggest shock of all - him fighting against his town for her.

First of all go Garcia's everywhere! I've never read a book by a Garcia before so I was pretty happy to read this author's name. I had no idea that this books was going to turn into something completely different then what I thought. I'm always kind of slow to realize what's going to happen in a book so I shouldn't be surprised any longer but wow! It gets to whole new things... that I don't want to ruin so I won't say so I'll talk about things that I can. Ethan and Lena (the mystery girl). I really liked Ethan. He was a great guy throughout sticking up for her and going against his home because the way he felt about her. Now Lena on the other hand I got annoyed with. She was kind of whining throughout. I was rolling my eyes at her by the end. I'm probably over exaggerating anyway because I did finish the book and liked it. I loved Amma. She was tough on Ethan because she cared about him. The other characters were interesting... Overall it was a great fantasy book so you can expect the other books on review. I fear for it though because I don't know how they are going to top it.

Have a Happy Christmas Eve!


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