Ida B... and Her Plans to Maximize Fun, Avoid Disaster, and (Possibly) Save the World by Katherine Hannigan

Ida B is different than your average kid. She talks to trees for one and she hears them respond back to her. She even has names for them like you have with your dolls or stuffed animals when you are little. At least I did. Anyways one day the trees are silent. She knows something isn't right. Viola speaks first. She's asking about her family and the Paulie T. That punk Paulie T. says that something bad is going to happen. Everyone seems to think that way. And guess what? There right. And it really is pretty horrible that they are right because you already get to like Ida B. from the start. It's Ida B. not Ida. She really doesn't like it when her kindergarten teacher won't call her that. Ida is her Mama's name. She gets this sinking feeling in school and that how her schooling lasts two weeks and three days. Well until she has to go back. Those trees were right. And she builds up this wall and her heart gets hard so all she is committed to do is to get everything back to normal. No matter what!

I love Ida B. Her personality shines throughout the book. I do find her a bit selfish but at other times I agreed with her 100% Sometimes when your life brings you down all you can do is think how unfair things are and that's precisely what Ida B did. She learns some things in the end with the help of one particular person. This was a really good book and I thoroughly enjoyed it and think everyone else will too. Hoped you liked the review!


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