Drums, Girls & Dangerous Pie by Jordan Sonnenblick

Steven loves playing his drums. He plays it every day whenever he can. He even plays for the school band and is the only eighth grade drummer to ever do so. Him and Annette, a prodigy on the piano, play for the same school band. Annette could be pretty annoying sometimes especially when he stops doing his homework.. but I won't go into that yet. He's had a huge crush on Renee since third grade. I think every boy has. She wears too much tight clothes for a thirteen year old. She acts kind of superior but turns out okay.

Now to the main part. The story starts off with him at his eighth grade reunion. Then he goes in to a journal entry he had earlier that year which was "The most annoying thing in the world." The most annoying thing in the world for him is his little brother Jeffery who since his Grandfather told him that he would be his protector he has done just that. He has protected his five year old little brother but what happens when he no longer can? He can't protect his brother against Leukemia. As he struggles to take care of his brother the best he can, his mother always off to hospitals, his father quiet whenever its just the two of them, and trying to prevent everyone in his school learning of his brother he grows closer to his family and learns that everything is less important than that - family.

It was a really good book. It wasn't fantastic but it was still really good.


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