Edward's Eyes by Patricia MacLachlan

The narrator Jake first met Edward when he was three years old. His mother who he never called mother just put him in his arms. Edward opened his beautiful eyes and it was like he was his. He pretty much raised him and read to him about Baseball which he grew to love. Edward even managed to pitch a Knuckleball which was nearly impossible. Everyone pretty much think Edward is great. He is a very insightful kid. He even knows when his sister Sabine is going to be born and he named her too! It's really weird. It's like one new kid gets born and the the one before it takes care of them. Edward likes to believe in signs. So does Albert or maybe it was Trick? Trick is a 90 year old man and Albert is his son who is almost equally as old. They hang around with the rest of the family. A very weird family. There's a couple of older kids but I can't really describe them. I know one loves to read. There mother likes to dance and sing and they own a bookstore.

This book was disappointing for me. I know some people who just loved it but I don't get it. It was pretty obvious what was going to happen and it was very touching and all but still. The family is really weird and so are the parents. The way they handle the kids it was really weird. I thought they were foster kids in the beginning but there not. It really needed some background information. It had no depth to it. It is a small book and it could have been bigger but even a small book could have been better. It was just confusing and weird and not as great as it could have been. I mean there was so much potential! Oh well...


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