Point Horror: The Boyfriend by R.L. Stine

Summary: Too bad about Dex. He was in love with Joanna. She broke up with him. And then he died.

Joanna's sorry, of course. But it's not her fault he's dead, is it? Besides, she never loved him. Boys are just toys, to be used and thrown away.

But this time, Joanna's gone too far. Because Dex is back. From the dead. For one last date with her... (Back of the Book)

I know. You already know she's going to be a pain but it'll be good. Just read on. This is a different speed then the Goosebumps. This is more for teenagers. Joanna is the girlfriend of Dex who is a theatrical person. He doesn't have close to as much money she does. She didn't used to be so money grubbing. It might have been after her father left with another woman. She has been so bitter. She watches Dex from a distance. She wants to watch him squirm. She doesn't feel anything for him anymore and wants to have a little fun with him. She's standing him up and she's watching it all play out. The pacing. The frustration and anger forming in his face.

Mary has been Joanna's friend for awhile now but since she moved to a private school and since her father left she has been cold. She has become cruel. There friendship is dying. She likes to hear Mary gasp at everything she does. Mary is so taken aback by her.

Dex comes over and she continues to lead him on even though she has already planned a date with someone new. The good looking and rich Shep. He's actually a nice guy as she soon finds later when he frowns upon her making fun of people. Anyway they go for a drive and end up at a cliff side (I think you know nothing good is going to happen) and Dex pretends to fall off just because. He loves acting. She freaks out and he does it again for his friend that is there as well but this time he does fall. All the way to the ground. Joanna panics and flees. She ends up being in a car accident. She makes it out okay of course because the story can't end there.

She's so sarcastic about surviving because she's stuck in a hospital. She's not really grateful. She doesn't even think about Dex until after his friend comes and tells her he's dead. She doesn't really care. Then things get weird. Dex is alive? She decides to string him along as well as Shep. Having two boyfriends. What can be better? Dex is acting odd though. He looks different too. Smells not that great and is starting to look green! What's wrong with Dex!?

Joanna, the main character, is just a pain throughout this book. I think she gets what she deserves. But, it's not just that. It comes to a very nice conclusion although kind of tense one. This was really a more in depth book than the regular Goosebumps. I like it a lot because it is targeted to young adults. But, don't get me wrong. Goosebumps are awesome!

So that is the last review of the R.L. Stine Author Highlight. Hoped you enjoyed it as much as I did!


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