Goosebumps #60: Werewolf Skin by R.L. Stine

Happy Halloween! It has finally arrived and I'll be posting the last reviews for the R.L. Stine Highlight. Hope you enjoy!

Summary: Alex Hunter, a young photographer, is staying with his aunt and uncle in Wolf Creek. They only have two rules for him: don't go into the woods late at night, and stay away from the creepy house next door. But Alex can't resist trying to take a couple of pictures, late at night, when the moon is full. (Goodreads)

Give us our skins! Give us our skins!

Alex is staying with his aunt and uncle for a couple of weeks even though he hasn't seen them for eight years. They're photographers and travel all around. He wants to be a photographer as well. The couple of weeks he has with them have a special holiday in it. It's Halloween! Alex wants to be a werewolf. He almost gets seriously injured because of the surprise on his Uncle Colin face. He nearly swerves into another car. Uncle Colin and Aunt Marta have a quick conversation amongst themselves about the Marlings - there next door neighbors. Not wanting to scare Alex Colin quiets his wife. Who are the Marlings and why did they become so frightened when he mentioned werewolves?

Alex is a city boy and is really excited to explore the woods at Wolf Creek. He wants to take as much pictures as he can especially one perfect for the Halloween Photography Contest back home. He meets Hannah who he becomes fast friends with. She'll be taking him to school for the weeks that he is at Wolf's Creek but before then they head to the woods where they meet Arjun and Sean. They go on about werewolves. It seems everyone believes in them even his teacher talks about them the next day! But, they are all just trying to scare them. There must be another explanation for the howls at night, why his Uncle and Aunt are being so protective, and why even Hannah is telling him that the Marlings are werewolves. I mean Hannah must be just trying to scare him.... right?

This was such a perfect book! It was set during Halloween. I happened to notice that R.L. Stine likes to reuse names. I'm not surprised because he has written like 200 books! That's just a wild guess. Alex and Hannah were used for names in the other books I read for the Highlight. Anyways this book was truly spooky. I loved the twists. I expected only a little but at the end it was such a surprise! It is so great and I liked the characters more. They seem more developed. I don't know. It didn't seemed as rushed as the one's I didn't like as much.

About the werewolves. Alex's teacher explains the whole story of werewolves. They actually wear wolf skin and then they transform into actual wolves. It's a pretty interesting take on it. It made it more interesting. A GREAT R.L. Stine book!


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