The Lightning Thief: the cover

Before I get into anything I would like to say sorry I haven't posted lately. I actually have been busy since I have the SAT coming up tomorrow! I'm posting this up to get you guys excited! I should be posting up the actual review of the first book tomorrow after the SAT. I might again add books in between.

The Lightning Thief. The start of it all! I did ramble earlier on how amazing this book is so I won't do it here. I'll wait for the review. The reason I wanted to highlight this cover was because it is the start of it all. You can tell a lot about the cover. I actually doubted who his godly father was til they he was actually claimed. I should have known. The cover shouts (I kind of have to tell you the godly parent because it's a major part of the story)Poseidon! Everyone figured it out before me but I kept wondering if he was Zeus's kid. Page 9 is where I should have given that up.
A wave roared in my ears. I don't remember touching her, but the next thing I knew, Nancy was sitting on her butt in the fountain, screaming, "Percy pushed me!"
The cover lets you know before even that page. He is in the middle of the ocean. You also know that there is something wrong. The weather is acting up. That's how you know that there is a conflict going on. He is holding his sword and a horn that again I will go into later with the review. It also shows New York which is... I'll wait for the review to explain. (;

Well this and all the covers of the series and the extended series is illustrated by John Rocco. He's also done The Kane Chronicles also by Rick Riordan, the new covers for Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones and others. When I found that out I had to look him up. I found it out at the Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast blog. His other illustrations are really incredible. He really has talent. He has even written his own. I love his space themed ones covers the most. Here are some of his other books:

He not only illustrated but wrote Fu Finds the Way and Moonpowder. Well that's it for the cover. I hope you enjoy the marathon!


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