Goosebumps #10: The Ghost Next Door by R.L. Stine

Summary: Hannah's neighborhood has gotten a little weird since the new boy moved in next door. He just keeps disappearing--and he's so pale. Is Hannah being haunted by--the ghost next door? (Goodreads)

Hannah just woke up from a dream filled with flames and is happy to be alive in what has been a boring summer. Her friends haven't contacted her the whole summer! She has had to hang around her house with her two twin six year old brothers Herb and Bill who find everything hilarious. Her mother and father don't really pay too much attention to her but they are not really that much in the whole story.

Hannah just walks outside and Bam! she was crashed into by Danny the new neighbor next door. The new neighbor that she had never met before... the new neighbor that just appeared one day out of nowhere... Danny is a mystery to Hannah. Who is this boy? He's in the same grade so how come I've never met him or any of his friend's? His two friends who like to get in trouble. And since she met him this hooded figure has been tracing her but is it just her imagination or is it Danny? Is Danny a ghost?

This was such a great R.L. Stine book! It kept me wondering. It was so good it even surprised me in the end. It made me doubt my thoughts and what was going to happen in the end. This a worthwhile read! I'm not saying as much because I don't want to ruin anything!


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