Threads That Bind by Kika Hatzopoulou

In a world where the children of the gods inherit their powers, a descendant of the Greek Fates must solve a series of impossible murders to save her sisters, her soulmate, and her city.

Descendants of the Fates are always born in threes: one to weave, one to draw, and one to cut the threads that connect people to the things they love and to life itself. The Ora sisters are no exception. Io, the youngest, uses her Fate-born abilities as a private investigator in the half-sunken city of Alante.

But her latest job leads her to a horrific discovery: somebody is abducting women, maiming their life-threads, and setting the resulting wraiths loose in the city to kill. To find the culprit, she must work alongside Edei Rhuna, the right hand of the infamous Mob Queen—and the boy with whom she shares a rare fate-thread linking them as soul mates before they’ve even met.

But the investigation turns personal when Io's estranged oldest sister turns up on the arm of her best suspect. Amid unveiled secrets from her past and her growing feelings for Edei, Io must follow clues through the city’s darkest corners and unearth a conspiracy that involves some of the city’s most powerful players—before destruction comes to her own doorstep.

Threads That Binds combines Greek Mythology in a dystopian future with crime bosses and a complicated sibling relationship. It is one of the best YA books I've ever read. I can't express how much this world is still stuck in my head. Weeks afterward I couldn't get into any other book because I was stuck thinking about this world. I became obsessed. I couldn't think about anything other than what would happen next after finishing the last page. I am desperately awaiting the next book in the series.

Every single character was fully fleshed out. Their personalities, motivations, and interconnectivity within the story exemplify this author's writing skill. Everything worked. I didn't even mind the fated romance because everything else was beyond fantastic. When it was mentioned that Io and her love interest had only known each other for a week, I thought it was silly sure, but it didn't matter because the complex world-building and character arcs made this story absolutely amazing. The love interest, Edei, wasn't overbearing or in the way either. He is an actual descent guy who doesn't betray Io or make her feel less than. This book was basically perfection and if you are interested at all after reading the synopsis I think you will be actually shocked by how great this YA debut is. If this series continues to be this fantastic it will be a favorite of all time. Highly recommend especially the audiobook!