Little Café Readathon TBR

I'm participating in the Little Cafe Readathon Autumn Edition. I found this seasonal readathon via castella.and.novellas on Instagram. The goal is to read or do an activity for each category: location, drink, and snack. It's a low-stress reading challenge that I think will be fun. 

November is my final push for 2023 books so my list tries to cater to those books I don't want to miss out on before the year is over. I plan on reading books in December but only two or three. I am mostly going to be planning my 2024 reading next month.

Let me know if you're planning to join along on this readathon too!

For location, I chose train station (ebook or audiobook) and I am reading a short novella called The Invention of Ghosts by Gwendolyn Kiste mainly because I loved Boneset & Feathers so much by this author. 

For drink, I chose pumpkin spice latte (has a secret society) and I am reading The Blonde Identity by Aimee Carter which is a stretch since it's about secret spies but it's close enough.

For snack, I chose cinnamon roll (comfort genre) and I am reading Absolutely, Positively Natty by Lisa Greenwald since contemporary books are my comfort genre other than fantasy romance. 

See you soon with more Fall Scavenger Hunt reviews!