May 2023 Reading Wrap-Up

I'm almost caught up with my 100 books reading goal! Audiobooks and reading a bunch of children's books have been saving me however I haven't been loving everything. I am only reading 52 children's books this year instead of my goal of 100 because I decided not to be ridiculous. I plan to be more balanced this summer with different age groups and genres because I'm not hitting many of my goals. Although as of May 31st, I've read 40 books! I should make it to 50 by the end of June and I'll be exactly where I need to be. Small wins!


3,641 pages

4 Contemporaries

3 Fantasy

2 Memoirs

1 Sci-Fi

1 Self Help

1 Romance

8 physical books

5 audiobooks

4 graphic novels

13 total books


A Disney Princess Controls My Life - 5 out of 9 total books

Horror Genre Focus - N/A (adult)

Mystery Genre Focus - N/A  (adult)

Middle Grade Genre Focus - 2 out of 7 total books

Side Quest Adult Romance - 1 book

Foodies Read Challenge - 1 out of 3 total books

Around the World - N/A

Children's Books - 20 out of 52 books


My average rating was 3.35 stars which is way lower than expected. I think I have on deck a lot more books I think I'll love in the summer with a mix of interesting ones I may like. My favorite book this month was Remainders of the Day which was cozy and wonderful. My least favorite books were Waffles and Pancake: Planetary-YUM (wouldn't read this as a kid), Beauty And The Besharam (eye roll-worthy moments), and Twin Crowns (can you just let people fall in love slowly for once YA?).

Basically done with all my summer crafts. I'll be making extras for take and makes so I get to focus on a few projects I am excited about, plan for programming for the upcoming seasons, and try my hardest to not procrastinate on something I really don't want to do ugh. I am looking forward to a wonderful summer which happens to be my favorite time of the year 😋!


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