April TBR // Realmathon Readathon

I'm participating in Realmathon which is hosted by Covers with Cassidy. This is a team-based readathon where you pick which realm you want to be a part of - Sanctum for Horror and Mystery; Cyrus for Romance; Ilma for Sci-Fi and Nonfiction; Enya for Fantasy. You don't have to read every book in your realms genre but will gain bonus points for doing so. You'll also gain bonus points based on page count as well as prompts if you are attacking or defining your realm.

I've chosen Enya as my realm.

I haven't been reading as much as I would like to so far this year. Challenges always help me do more with my life and being on a team gives me more incentive to do well. With that in mind, I have big plans for April. I plan on reading 16 books! The host and cohosts plan to have reading sprints throughout the month and I am keeping track of my page counts each week. 

You'll find the books I am planning to read below:

Finlay Donovan Jumps the Gun - This is the book I am currently stuck on. I am going to have to read it while reading another fast-paced book because it isn't doing anything for me right now.

The Wicked Ones - I am having Cinderella control my life this month and I think getting the perspective of her wicked stepsisters will be interesting.

Celtic Folk & Fairy Tales - I was supposed to read this for Merida but I am behind with my reading.

The Wind in the Willows - Another book for Cinderella since she loves animals. I think it's about time I see what this classic book is all about.

New Kids & Underdogs - The last book for Cinderella since she loves Bruno so much. I love the premise of this one and that it has a disabled dog.

Cookie Monsters - Girl Scout enemies sound like so much fun. Can't wait to recommend this one to the older girls who come to my branch.

The Gingerbread Witch - I love retellings and this one has an animal companion so perfect for me.

Rory and the Magical Mix-Ups - This is the year of Disney for me! This is a short read I think I can easily recommend. It was also a gift I gave to my little cousin last Christmas.

The Stand-In - I've been reading to read a straight up romance for so long and this one has the premise of the Netflix Christmas movie The Switch which I love.

Against the Currant - Cozy foodie mysteries are hard to find if I am searching since I am so picky. I enjoy learning about new cultures so this should be good.

The Dry Heart - I have only read one classic this year and I am aiming to improve so this one about a wife killing her husband sounds like my type of read.

The Faces - I like dark classics I guess and this one has a mother going mad.

Our Wives Under the Sea - It's about high time I read this as it is one of my most anticipated reads.

To Offer Her Pleasure - I enjoyed Ali Seay's Go Down Hard and thought this one was as equally twisted.

Taste: My Life Through Food - This is my only audiobook selection and it's read by the author! I love food descriptions so I'm sure to get hungry while listening to this.

The Outlaws of Sherwood - Another Merida read I haven't gotten to. I've actually had this on my shelves for a decade or more so it'll be nice to get it read.

Let me know if you are planning to join Realmathon and/or interested in reading any of the books I have listed.