2022 Yearly Reading Stats

I feel like I regressed with my reading in 2022. I didn't plan to read mostly manga, graphic novels, or audiobooks. I read so few books in my actual age group as well. I wanted to look back to see what I want to continue with my reading in 2023 and what I wanted to change. For all you stats lovers, I have plenty of graphs and analyses of my 2022 reading. Enjoy!

In 2022 I read...

77 books

DNF'd 8 books

 22,130 pages

29 audiobooks

12 graphic novels

15 manga

11 rereads

16 adult books

31 young adult books

28 middle-grade books

2 children's books

100+ picture books for work

This is probably the most meh reading year even though you'll see later that my star rating is pretty high. I mean manga is always enjoyable and I read a lot of rereads so... I do like seeing all the covers together. In the past, I usually dislike looking at my Goodreads page to see how many I've read because the covers don't look good together but this year is really colorful.

I knew I was listening to way more audiobooks (38% of my reading) but wow. If I also add graphic novels and manga together that's 35% of my reading. And if you factor in rereads as well that's 14%. So I at least had 87% of my reading easily consumable like I didn't have to work hard at all😅. 

Going forward I want to cool it on the audiobooks. I will continue reading lots of middle grade but there needs to be a balance. The amount of YA I read is ridiculous too. Again, I just need to balance things out. I think I'm also just so picky with books lately especially adult ones that reading hasn't been coming easily to me like it has in the past. Falling back in love with reading and getting a routine will be a priority if I want to be happier with my reading year next year.

If you ignore the age and format "genres" on Storygraph my top 5 genres read are Fantasy, Romance, Dystopian, Contemporary, and a three-way tie between Science Fiction, Mystery, and Historical. I'm not sure how science fiction didn't beat out dystopian so I may have to keep track of this with my own graph next year. Also, I read so many books that I would consider Food and Drink... 15 of them in fact so I will for sure have to do my own stats next year.

  • Fantasy - 32 books
  • Romance - 22 books
  • Dystopian - 8 books
  • Contemporary - 6 books
  • Sci-Fi, Mystery, Historical - 5 books

In 2023, I want to emphasize mystery/thriller and horror. I did pretty well with mystery. I would love to double the amount read to 10 books. For Horror, I only read 2 books. I was hesitant on reading horror this past year since it's not something I thought people would be interested in reading a review about and I didn't want to read anything that dark. My horror picks need to be coupled with a romance or middle grade during or right after reading for me to enjoy reading them this year. I think if I get 6 books read I'll be happy.

2023 Age Group Stats

As far as the age group goes I read way too many YA books thanks to all the manga I read. However, one of my goals last year was to read more manga and graphic novels so in retrospect I deserve this. My goal for next year is to have adult books be at least 30% of my reading and YA books be 20% at most.

I don't usually look at how many standalone vs. series I am reading but I saw someone do this and I thought it was interesting. I started 28 series which is insane to me. I know a couple of those were rereads (same with the series end) but still. Now, I only want to really continue on with maybe 3 or 4 series which shows my picky side. I would like to have more series I am in the middle of (not all of them basically being manga) and read more standalones. 

The only month I didn't read was in December despite what this graph says. I read some pages in May but didn't catalog them in time. Last year, My lines looked like two distinct monsters. This year it looked too perfect and sad at the same time. I only read a lot in the summer because I got Covid and I reread so many books as well as the manga takeover. I've very aware right now that I've only read three books so far in 2023 so this graph is haunting me. I want to get to 25,000 pages this year and always be reading. 

My highest pages read was in July with 7,084 pages (I went insane) and my lowest was in December with 0 pages read. I was never consistent and didn't have a plan for reading it seemed. This year I have books planned for all my goals while leaving space for some mood reading.

The average page length I read was 274 pages (quite small) and it took me an average of 4 days to complete a book. I read more 300 - 499 length books this year (6% more) which is something I guess. I don't really have a goal here. I think next year I'd like to keep track of this a little closer like how many 1 - 99 page books I am reading and so on just because I am curious. The year of publication is another one I want to do that with as well.

I would love to read more slow reads this year. But I don't know how actively I am willing to make that happen. Maybe the Around the World challenge I set for myself will help with that.

The first three moods - adventurous, lighthearted, and emotional - are literally what my average mood for reading has been over the course of my years tracking books. It would be nice to see my reflective mood reading go up. Otherwise based on my goals, this is unlikely to change in 2023.

This is the most deceiving star rating average ever because of the manga and rereads. If I take those out my average star rating would be 3.64 stars which is still not that bad but I don't know it just felt like a meh reading year. I think it was because I listened to more audiobooks, read a lot of manga, and mostly read middle-grade and YA. I only gave out 7 five stars and that has drastically changed since I started keeping track of my reading. I felt like I used to love most of what I read. 

I counted how many main lead diverse characters there are and this is what I got. I've done way better in the past but this is heavily skewed because of manga again. I am more focused on reading Around the World this year but I don't want to miss out on reading from various perspectives in other ways as well. Next year I want to include the country of origin to really see how diverse I am reading. 

Let me know how you're reading went in 2022 and if you'd like to see change. 
Are you focused on certain genres or challenges? 


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