Quarterly Reading Stats // A Fantasy Take Over and a Favorite Romance

I read 25 books from July - September. I read 2 less than last quarter. I have a continued trend (in my mind) of reading the weirdest books. Like together they don't make sense to me. This last quarter I want to focus back on reading consistently and making it a habit. I was keeping track of my reading earlier in the third quarter however, tracking the minutes I was reading was bothersome. I just want to make it a habit to open up a book every day and read. Another trend I've noticed is that I substitute my reading for listening to audiobooks because I don't make time for reading anymore. As it is my favorite hobby I am determined to see this change.

Stats by Genre

I read only two contemporary fiction books which seems unfathomable to me. But I also see I replaced it with romance which sounds right. Fantasy is number 1 again. I do wish I had read more than 1 book in the other genres. The fiction genre doesn't really count because I put all the picture books I read in that category. I always say I want to read a variety of genres but I think I only did so in the first quarter. I love lists so I may have to make one to keep myself accountable. Although, if I only read 1 of my least read genres for next quarter at least I tried.

Genre Breakdown: I read 8 fantasies, 5 romances, 3 fiction (picture books), 2 contemporary fiction, 1 historical romance, 1 superhero graphic novel, 1 nonfiction, 1 memoir, 1 horror, 1 science fiction, and 1 mystery.

Stats by Age

My goal is to read at least 40% adult reads. I somehow made it this time around. Yay! Overall, for the year I am under 40% so I need to keep it up to make my goal. But no matter what I've reduced my YA reading which used to be the majority so I am happy either way.

This chart represents the amount of books with characters who are the minority of the population in the U.S. including those that have disabilities and are neurodiverse. I want to have my yes portion of books with minorities to be at 43% which means a little bit of an improvement over last year. 

I absolutely crushed it this quarter! It wasn't too intentional either except with my Latina romances. Also, after reading A Girl Like Her I looked for romances that focused on some identity aspects because those are less boring. I'm planning on continuing to kill it this last quarter. I'm very excited about the books I'm planning to get to. Hoping I finally read more disabled representation. Thankfully, I finally read books by Latina authors. 

Favorite Books of this Quarter

All of my favorites were in the first part of this quarter which makes sense because my reading has gone downhill from there. Beetle & the Hollowbones has the best colorist for the design of this graphic novel first of all. It's a feast for the eyes. Second of all, it's like they are living in a modern Halloweentown which made my heart sing. And third of all, Beetle and her friendship with Blob Ghost was the most wholesome thing ever. Finally, I was so happy about that romance. Moving on to the best romance I've read all year. Yes, I am declaring A Girl Like Her the best romance I've read this year. I will be shocked if I end up reading another romance this year as fantastic as this was but I digress. The slow romance, the multiple POV's, that LOVE INTEREST taking care of our heroine was everything to me, and finally just a badass, nerdy main character. Oh and that chemistry made me so unbelievably happy. All of it, *chef's kiss* Lastly, we have Arsenic and Adobo. Another mystery making the list is what I like to call character growth. Finally, cozy mysteries are doing something right with me. I read all of these close together so I was just having a good old time. I recommend all of them. Read them if they even somewhat pique your interest.

What are some of your recent favorite reads?


  1. So This Is Love is one of the few Twisted Tales I haven't read yet!


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