Currently Reading: A Foodie Romance, a Bookshop Memoir, and a Retelling

I thought it would be nice to update everyone on what I'm currently reading lately. I've been off and on with my reading this year. I'm thinking since I haven't consistently read physically and focused mainly on consuming audiobooks it has affected my reading negatively. So I decided to incorporate more physical books and ebooks into my reading. Here's a look at what I'm reading:

I'm halfway through my ebook of A Delicious Dilemma by Sera TaĆ­no. I decided to pick it up because I've been researching romance books by Latina authors and this one features a family restaurant business. So far it reminds me a lot of Here to Stay by Adriana Herrera as far as storyline. Both have a Latina lead trying to keep their job or business from being axed essentially from the love interest. There's also multiple POV's which I love. I appreciate the honestly of Phillip, our love interest in A Delicious Dilemma. I do feel like though that I know exactly what's going to happen next. There's predictability in it but I'm reading it for a cute romance so I'm hoping to see more chemistry with our two leads as they get to know each other.

I have recently listened to The Diary of a Bookseller by this same author so I wanted to continue in the series. I'm about 80% or so into my audiobook of the sequel novel, Confessions of a Bookseller by Shaun Bythell. Both books are perfect to listen to driving to and from work. They are diary entries of a year in a bookseller's life. I find the customers he meets, the staff, and the whole atmosphere of working at this particular bookshop so relaxing. Bythell has a dry wit and loves books so it's kind of the perfect book for a book lover like me. I'm going to be sad when it ends because there isn't another one in the series and I'm invested in these people's lives now.

I am actually reading a book I own which is rare for me. Well, a physical copy for sure. I started For the Wolf by Hannah Whitten back at the beginning of October and stopped about 150+ pages in. I really like the premise since it blends The Little Red Riding Hood and Beauty and the Beast together. I just think the main character doesn't resemble herself from before she went into the woods to directly after it. She just seems less wild and fierce. And everything that's happened has been within what... a few days from each other? So the romance plotline is just going way too fast. I'm still holding out hope that I can look past that and things will change for the better.

What are you reading?


  1. Confessions of a Bookseller sounds really fun - I love that it's about a real-life bookshop owner and store.


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