Mindful Ramblings 006

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It's been a while. I didn't read that much for some time and I've been really busy at work. But I've set up some reading experiments that have helped me keep reading a priority. I've been off and on with my exercising lately just because of how I am tired of work and feeling bleh. However, I am happy to say that I have reached a milestone in my running schedule - running a mile without stopping! My time is slow but faster than I have done in the past so I'm really proud of myself. It was an 11 minute and 12 second run/jog. A new PR! I can't wait to get back to it this week and go for longer even if I am worried how my mind will entertain itself for that long of a period of time. I feel like I am dependent on running with music but if it malfunctions (like it did last time) I have to push myself even more. We'll see. 

I never finished my Chloe Ting challenge. I actually got bored the last week and moved on to Caroline Girvan's EPIC beginner program. I was supposed to do it for two weeks but I've been really tired lately so I only completed one and a half weeks. I think I'm just going to move on to her EPIC 1 program so I don't feel like I am way behind to where I want to be. I only think I needed the first week anyways. It was tough but I think I can move on to the main challenge. Wish me luck!

I've ebbed and flowed with my walking. I really need to move on my lazy days. I'm usually sitting down at work but I've got to make it a priority to move around more.

The last few weeks I've read three mangas, two poetry collections, one graphic novel, one picture book, one Spanish reader, one middle grade book, and a book club book. So when I mean I devised a way to read more I meant it! I'll be writing reviews soon of most of the books. I am really happy I have been able to finally start my goal of reading books in Spanish. The painfully slow way in which I read and looked up vocabulary words for a 32 pages kids book was eye-opening. Of course, I've already come up with the books and plan to improve my Spanish reading for the next six months... I read two ARC's so I'll be posting about them soon. You also may have noticed I read two poetry books. I've never read poetry books so that's another experiment I've been working on that I hope to share my experience with you all soon. I've really been more consistent with my reading which makes me happy. 

Next up I'm thinking of reading Woman Hollering Creek and Other Stories by Sandra Cisneros. I enjoyed The House on Mango Street by her and wanted to read her other short story collection. It's also a perfect way to work towards my Cafe con Leche reading challenge. I am also going to finish up my poetry reading experiment with Mustard, Milk, and Gin by Megan, Denton Ray. My mom and I are going to be starting our new book club book - Invisible Girl by Lisa Jewell. I got her into Lisa Jewell about two and a half years ago when I brought her a random book by her I got for free. She loved it and now she has read most of her books. I am not a thriller reader so this book will be once again out of my comfort zone.

I am no longer writing a Top 5 Books I Want to Read in May post since I never read even a majority of them every month. What I am going to continue to do it let you know what I am planning to read here. As for what I am planning to write about this week that includes: Weekend Reading Experiment // How Much Can I Read in a Weekend?, a review of Instant Karma, and a review of Rescue at Lake Wild.

This week I am featuring the artist Fernanda Suarez. She has this wonderful series of reimagining modern Disney Princesses. She even created the U.K. cover of Cinderella is Dead as well as some Nancy Drew covers. I've followed her for years and she does amazing work all the time.
What are you looking forward to in May?


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