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Last year, I was vehemently against doing reading challenges except for the Goodreads Challenge and eventually the Con Sabor Challenge. But with this new year coming up I am changing some things so I have a better reading year than ever. I know if I don't set reading challenges, I'll put the types of books I want to get to to the wayside which is something I don't want to do. I'm mostly doing personal reading challenges with a couple of ones created by others. I've set mostly small goals for each challenge so I don't feel any pressure at all.

My first personal reading challenge I have created for myself is the Café con Leche Reading Challenge. I was going to join in the Con Sabor challenge but from the time I am writing this, the challenge has seemed to stop. No matter, I love the name I can up with. The goal is to read ownvoices Hispanic books. I bumped up my book reading of Hispanic books this past year after I set a goal of reading more of them. It was an area in my reading that was really lacking. I started doing book discussions but life got away with me. I'll try to do a few discussions this year because it's more fun to do for me than a review. I'm happy to discover and read books by Hispanic authors with Hispanic characters.

Goal: Read 6 books

I can not say a sentence in Spanish without stumbling all over the words. Then I thought, why don't I incorporate books in Spanish with my reading? I'll learn new vocabulary, I can read the words out loud, and it might just give me the push to practice speaking Spanish in front of me. So the Get Back to Your Culture Reading Challenge was created. I'm going to end up reading children's books with my level of Spanish but I am excited nonetheless. It's time I make Spanish a priority in my life.

Goal: Read 6 books

Every year Foodies Read is hosted @ Based on a True Story. I missed out on it last year which I regret because I love books about food. It's one of my favorite themes ever! Who doesn't like getting hungry while reading? This year, I am not missing out.

Goal: Read 5 Books

I tried the Finishing That Series Challenge (by the way it is the challenge you want to do if you want to see how others are progressing as well) but I feel like I would be less pressured if I had my own series reading challenge. I might not necessarily finish all the series I want to but at least if I progress in them that would be great. I would love to finish a lot of series but I'll try to be realistic because this is a more daunting challenge for me than anything.

Goal: Read 4 Series

I go back and forth on whether I care that I have books on my shelf for ten years that I still haven't read and refuse to give away. I do care a little so that's why this challenge has been formed. I love the library but my books deserve some love too. Whether I reread or read some that have been on there forever - I want to read books on my shelf.

Goal: Read 5 books

I truly love nonfiction books. Self-help, memoirs, food, nature, animals, sports... I love it all. I naturally read a good amount of nonfiction books. Now to keep up with that reading, what better way to make a challenge for myself?

Goal: Read 12 books

Horror! You will not elude me this year! I am once again in a horror mood. I am so interested in reading horror books. I found a bunch of new indie books that have ignited my interest in horror once again and I want to make sure I give this genre a chance this year. I have three short story horror collections plus the new books I've discovered. It's time to get spooked all year round.

Goal: Read 4 books

I have recently fallen in love with science fiction. I used to love reading dystopian books when I was a teenager but I hadn't given the genre until I did an experiment. The result of which made me want to desperately read more sci-fi. I'm a very particular person so it's hard to find sci-fi books that I like the premise of but I've found some and plan on reading a good amount to feed my new sci-fi addiction.

Goal: Read 4 books

Adult Fantasy is a genre I really want to get into but I am having a hard time getting started. I think because most of them are in series, I am intimidated. Also, the size of most of the books, and they are usually slower-paced. But I want into those worlds! I think this challenge will push me to pick up more adult fantasy and give the genre a chance. 

Goal: Read 4 books

More genres I don't give a chance to are mysteries or thrillers. Like sci-fi, adult fantasy, and horror books I am very picky with what I want to read. Since I am picky I make the excuse to just focus on YA because they are easy, fun, and cool sounding. But other books are cool sounding too. I just need to find what I like in each genre and read them. And mysteries are fun when I do read them so I am setting it as a reading challenge.

Goal: Read 4 books

I am trying this challenge over @ Operation Actually Read Bible once again. I haven't made it very far the last times I have tried but I am going into it with a plan. A 365-day plan. Honestly, I'll be happy if I read one-third of the Bible. I'll feel so accomplished. I think I can do it so here's giving it one more try.

Goal: Readings from January - April

I know, you must be thinking "That's a lot of challenges!" However, I had a goal in mind for each of these and halved them so there is no real pressure. I had a lot of fun creating the challenge images even if most of them are personal reading challenges. I'll make sure to have updates on each challenge after every quarter wrap-up and a mega wrap-up at the end of the year. As you might have noticed, I don't have a yearly or Goodreads challenge. I'm not focusing on the number of books I read although I know if I complete all of these challenges it'll be a little over 50 books read. That seems extremely attainable. I usually read more than 100 books a year but again I want to see what happens when I am not so focused on the number of books I am reading. I don't know whether to take that off the stats every quarter as well. I have time to think about it. Anywho I hope you enjoyed looking and reading at all the reading challenges I plan to work on this coming year. If you are looking for a complete list of reading challenges try girl xoxo's list. Or create your own if you like.

What reading challenges have you set for yourself?


  1. I’m so excited that you are joining us for Foodies Read!

  2. I think I'm actually not going to do any challenges in 2021 and just focus on my TBR, but I love the sound of so many of these! I love that even though you're doing some of these just for yourself, you're still making them special.

    1. I sometimes can't help myself with my challenges... haha (:


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