Quarterly Reading Stats (April - June)

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I want to change up how I've done wrap-ups. I've decided instead of doing a once a month wrap up I would do a quarterly reading stats post because I love looking at stats and I didn't want to discuss all of the books I read. Some of the books I read are just okay or not any good. And I wanted to highlight the ones that stood out. I've already done an April Wrap-Up is you are interested but otherwise, I am happy to do quarterly stats from now on.

I read 28 books from April - June.

I've read more four star reads than anything this quarter. My five star reads were a bit biased since one was a book that I read in the past and decided I didn't want to change the rating because of course, I don't feel the same way about it as I did as a teen. I usually rate my manga high so that was another one. The other two out of four were actually new to me reads that I absolutely loved. I'm happy that my two star reads are so low but I think I can DNF more books. I say this because of my two and three star reads. A three star read is good is in my book but it's not anything out of this world. 

I'm reading more adult books! What a change. I'm usually reading about half YA books but I've picked up more adult and middle grade this year. Middle grade has been great t pick up because I love contemporaries so much and there are so many great ones out there. I can see myself heading towards reading more YA and Middle Grade this quarter but I have a lot of Latin American Literature I'm looking forward to reading that I hope to get to more of.

The number of fantasy books I've read is 36% while contemporaries are 25%. They are my favorite genres so no surprise there. Mystery/Thrillers being 11% of my books read is a nice surprise. And my continued reading of nonfiction is welcomed. I'm happy that I'm reading a more varied genre range but a lot of them are just one book out of twenty-eight. I really do want to try out more genres but fantasy and contemporary books have my heart!

This pie graph is no surprise. I originally had a goal to read more male authors but I rather focus on reading more Hispanic authors and just noting them in my quarter stats in the future. I will keep track of the author's gender just for this year though since I already started to. I think if I just read less YA I might read more male authors to get a new POV with my books but that's not even a given either.

I had some stand out reads this past quarter including the absolutely amazing Clergyman's Wife which is a Pride and Prejudice retelling featuring what happened to Charlotte Lucas after she married and a cute farmer. This is a quiet sort of read. It feels like the Jane Austen world. If you like Pride and Prejudice then you will love this book. It will sneak up on you it's so good. I've already given it to my tia to read and she's really enjoying it too. Next up is Stand Up, Yumi Chung! which is written by a debut author. I actually wrote a review on this book and gushed all about it. The writing feels like it's from a seasoned writer. This is a hyped book for a reason. I only wish I had pictures of the amazing food that was described within the pages. My next book is a five star read (so was Clergyman's Wife). I listened to Sadie as I was walking during quarantine around my neighborhood. I got so much waking done during that time... I was listening to this off and on with my mom so she was as invested in Saide's story as I was.  I don't know why I waited so long to read/listen to this book. It has that heartbreaking element that I love in my books. The audiobook is also amazing since it has alternating chapters being told in podcast form. It was so intriguing but so worrisome. I stopped it for a while because I was so worried about what would happen to Sadie. You Should See Me in a Crown is a recent read. It's just that type of book that makes you feel good inside even as the main character Liz had a lot going on. This was another wonderful debut for all those shy, nerdy girls who don't feel seen. Last on the list is Giant Days which is such an unexpected funny graphic novel. I've been eying this graphic novel forever now and I don't know what I was waiting for. I absolutely love all the characters and the antics they get into. I read the second one and felt the same. I started reading the third one but the art style changed and I don't know what to do with this series anymore. It's not as funny as the first two. Anyway, I recommend reading the first and second books if you are looking to laugh and enjoy yourself.

How has your reading been going these last few months?
What are your stand out reads and which ones snuck up on you?


  1. The Clergyman's Wife was a good read! Great addition to the P&P world.


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