Into the Tall, Tall Grass // Book Discussion Announcement

A girl journeys across her family’s land to save her grandmother’s life.

Yolanda Rodríguez-O’Connell has a secret. All the members of her family have a magical gift—all, that is, except for Yolanda. Still, it’s something she can never talk about, or the townsfolk will call her family brujas—witches. When her grandmother, Wela, falls into an unexplained sleep, Yolanda is scared. Her father is off fighting in a faraway war, her mother died long ago, and Yolanda has isolated herself from her best friend and twin sister. If she loses her grandmother, who will she have left?

When a strange grass emerges in the desert behind their house, Wela miraculously wakes, begging Yolanda to take her to the lone pecan tree left on their land. Determined not to lose her, Yolanda sets out on this journey with her sister, her ex-best friend, and a boy who has a crush on her. But what is the mysterious box that her grandmother needs to find? And how will going to the pecan tree make everything all right?
I've had an absolutely wonderful time reading and discussing Tigers, Not Daughters by Samantha Mabry on my blog. I thought it would be pertinent to announce my second book discussion pick which is a middle-grade book that was recently published in April 2020 before the beginning of August. Into the Tall, Tall Grass is Loriel Ryon's debut book. Loriel is a nurse living in New Mexico who's had a bicultural upbringing with a Mexican American mom and a Caucasian dad. I'm excited to read another book that is considered magical realism as well as it having a storyline between a grandmother and her granddaughter. Loriel includes her love of science in the story and other elements that she's grown up with. Below I included some interviews Loriel Ryon has done for her debut that I found interesting. 


Las Musas - Book Birthday Interview: Loriel Ryon

A.B. Westrick - MG Science and Magic: interview and giveaway! (giveaway is over)

American Booksellers Association - An Indies Introduce Q&A With Loriel Ryon

MG Book Village - Fast Forward Friday – Loriel Ryon

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I'll be posting my overall thoughts on Into the Tall, Tall Grass in September.

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