August 2019 Reading Wrap-Up

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August was such a great reading month! Audiobooks have made my reading experience so much better. Even without the audiobooks, I was able to read a lot of books before the new semester which was what I needed before diving into a school again.

I read five fantasy, two nonfiction, one fiction, three manga, two picture books, one historical fiction, one contemporary fiction, one cozy mystery, three contemporary romances, and one graphic novel which is a total of twenty books! Eight of them were on my tbr list. My tbr is currently at 188 books which is down by four from last month's post. I'm in the 180's finally which is promising!

In An Absent Dream - This brought me back to the first book. It wasn't as dark but it was as fantastical and just oh so wonderful. The lesson wasn't thrown in my face either. I didn't care about Lundy before but I loved her story in this one. So interesting and lovely. Such a great ending.

The Good Neighbor - Learned a lot about Fred Rogers. It's amazing how I never knew of this kind man before a movie trailer and some videos which prompted me to listen to his story. It made me think about how children are taught about morals and how I could approach my little cousins when they ask me questions in the future.

All the Names - Enjoyable, strange read. I understand that the protagonist learns to see the world beyond his job through his hobby and eventually the unknown woman. I understand the story is about loneliness, life, death, and that ordinary people are still important. However, I think I've missed something because I was somewhat bored throughout the story and kept on almost falling asleep while reading it. The writing is excellent. I just must have missed something that others that have highly praised it got when reading this story.

Sweetness & Lightning 2 - Really cute. Glad there was an addition of characters in this one. Although I love the recipes and seeing them cook I would like a little more drama into the mix.

Bilal Cooks Daal - Beautiful, vibrant illustrations. I would have loved to see more cooking but I also liked the sequence of activities as the time passed by while that Daal cooked. I learned that Daal is lentils and now I would love to make it. The descriptions of it's creaminess made me hungry. A wonderful little picture books that teaches about a staple food in South Asia. I might just have to try the recipe in the back of the book!

The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek -  This was such a strange read. It was so intriguing that I couldn't help listening on. The thing is the whole comparing her skin to black skin was kind of off putting. It does all make sense when it's all said and done why it was written a certain way but still that was a bit much. There was also the fact that this woman had so many things happen to her and I don't know. I feel like there could have been more fear in her. I would have been more angry than she was too. It was a very complicated and strange story. I'm glad I listened to it but I still can't figure out my feelings towards the story.

Georgia's Terrific, Colorific Experiment - Beautiful illustrations. I enjoyed how the story progressed and how science and art came together.

Sorcery of Thorns - An enjoyable read but very predictable and easy. I was looking for more. It had potential but everything was too rushed and again Elisabeth had such an easy time. Yes, she had to fight for her life but she also got out of trouble on the very next page. I think younger teens will enjoy this. The concept of magical books and a main character able to speak to said books was fun. I just wish the premise moved the plot up a notch as far as mystery, adventure, and overall not having a quick fix for everything.

Moon Called - Loved this! Mercy was a fun character to follow along with. I liked that she was her own person, independent, strong, and fought for those closest to her. I had so much fun getting into her paranormal world especially since it focused on werewolves. Mercy's backstory was detailed, this had a lot of action, and some nice flirtation. I've know of this series for a while and didn't expect it to be this good. I can already see myself binge reading the series it's that good.

Scars Like Wings - An emotional ride, Scars Like Wings has lots of heart and hope. Ava and Piper's friendship was the heart of this story and it was the best part. I couldn't help but get teary eyed with every. single. chapter. There were some wonderful moments and lines. Stewart did a wonderful job with this debut. I felt like I grew in understanding and knowledge because of Ava's story. I'm so happy to have read this book!

Blood Bound - The story was slightly less interesting than the first one since I care more about the werewolves in the story and not the vampires. I don't like the love triangle. I don't find it necessary. Otherwise it was a lot of fun. I've been listening to Mercy in audiobook format and the narrator does an excellent job. I really like Mercy so I'm excited to read/listen to more of her story. Just stop with the love triangle please.

Marigolds and Murder - This was an alright mystery. I liked Pink, her background story, and that she's a flower shop owner. The townspeople were interesting as well. I did think the story was a little too fast paced. The detective let her in on things too quickly. Also, the mystery didn't really grab me as much as I would have liked. More twists and turns would have been nice.

Tell Me How You Really Feel - Why was this made into a romance? It should have only been about Sana. There should have never been 2 POV's only one. Sana was the star of this story clearly with her family dynamics and showing everyone that she just isn't the perfect girl you think she is. I did like the comparison with Helen so Rachel's film project was something I liked to an extent. However, Rachel was extremely unlikable. I could care less about her. There was no chemistry in my eyes between Sana and Rachel. Sana deserved better.

Hammer Head: The Making of a Carpenter - Hammer Head made me feel simply comforted. Her journey was relatable to my own in some ways and in other ways I saw my personality in hers. Her worrying over sawdust would be me. Her want to work with her hands - something I am wanting but with a different medium. Her unsureness of making her father's bookshelves - oh I feel that all the time. But her decision to change career fields, that is just like me. The history and talk of books, everything really was just comforting to me. It's relaxing and interesting read. I did at points zone out though so it wasn't a perfect read but an enjoyable one all the same.

Cry Wolf - I'm not really into Charles and Anna's instalove relationship. I know it's part of Mercy's world but I rather just read about Mercy. The magic aspect of the story was interesting but then overwhelmingly boring at the same time. They were on a mountain? for what felt like the whole story. Just not interested.

Witch Hat Atelier Vol. 1 - Impressive! The art, plot, writing, all of it is so fantastic! I can easily see this being an anime series. I'm thrilled to have found a manga I can get invested in.

Don't Date Rosa Santos - Enjoyed this a lot. I didn't think it was a perfect read by any means but it was a book I found comfort in. I understood this Cuban family as it shadowed my own in a lot of ways. I don't think I've ever heard of a YA book with a Cuban protagonist but I am determined to find more. The family dynamics and mix of food were my favorite parts. At times I enjoyed the romance and other times I didn't. The same could be said about the plot and family. I was kind of in and out with this story. I kind of wish there was no brujeria but it's not my story. Still a very comforting read that made me happy.

Kino's Journey: The Beautiful World, Vol. 1 - I didn't know anything about this before reading. Kino's Journey seems to be about Kino, who's real name is unknown, going to different countries to travel. All of these places seem to have a weird rule. It's strange and thoughtful but I kind of would have liked to see the change from Kino in the beginning to where she is right now. More cohesion and more of a goal/plot would be nice.

Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass - Interesting choices. Loved the artwork and the modern spin on the story. Would love to read more of Harley Quinn but I think this is just an origin story. I enjoyed seeing Harley as a teen as well as the flashbacks as a little girl. It looks like, at least in this version, that Harley always had a destructive personality. I'm happy that her friendship with Ivy was so prominent because they are such an iconic duo. Full thoughts to come soon.

The Silence Between Us - I am so surprised I didn't enjoy this one at all. I plan to give a full review of this one soon explaining all my thoughts.

What did you read in the month of August?
Did you read any of these books? If so, what did you think?


  1. Wow, what an awesome reading month! Hope it continues into September!


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