Spin by Colleen Nelson

An aspiring teenage DJ must learn how to navigate life when people find out that she's the daughter of a famous singer.

Fifteen-year-old Delilah “Dizzy” Doucette lives with her dad and brother above their vintage record store, The Vinyl Trap. She’s learning how to spin records from her brother’s best friend, and she’s getting pretty good. But behind her bohemian life, Dizzy and her family have a secret: her mom is the mega-famous singer Georgia Waters. When this secret is revealed to the world, Dizzy’s life spins out of control. She must decide what is most important to her — the family she has or the family she wants.

Spin centers around Delilah "Dizzy" Doucette, an aspiring DJ living above her family's vintage record store. Dizzy's love of music stems from her parents. Her father plays the saxophone while her mother is a singer. However, her mother isn't just any old singer. She's the famous Georgia Waters. She's also the mother who left her family years ago for stardom. Leaving behind her husband and children who continue to remain a secret to the public. When Dizzy's big family secret is out, her life spins out of control. Dizzy wants her mother to know her, but will she lose herself in the process?

Hands down, the most underrated YA book I've read yet. Why is no one talking about this book? It's coming out very soon and I'm wondering why there aren't people shouting from the rooftops to tell people to Read. This. Book! This is a YA book worth reading. There was no romance and no need for one. Just a story about family, music, and being brave. This is why I love contemporary fiction so much. You get to see inside someone's life. See what their wants and fears are. See inside their soul. And you get all the good and the bad of life in this one character who even though is fictional, you can't help but want them to have a happy ending.

Nelson did the smart thing and had three POV's - Dizzy, Lou, and her father. I got so much insight into each family member's life. As this is a book centered around family as well as music, this was such a key factor in why I enjoyed Spin so much. Dizzy herself is reckless, passionate, and fights for what she wants. The music she spins was a perfect addition to the story. It's different. It's creative.

Dizzy's brother, Lou, is going through an identity crisis just like his sister. I thought his POV was perfect because he wasn't a musician. He was kind of the black sheep of the family even if he helped with the record store marketing. He wants something different then what has been handed to him, he just doesn't know what yet.

When Dizzy's father's POV came around, it gave me insight into him being a single father, his love for Georgia, and his love for his kids. I love positive parenting in YA. Usually you don't see the parents around or they are cruel towards their children. Dizzy's dad was none of those things.

I felt the emotion that Dizzy felt. I could feel her want for her mother to know her. I could feel her notice-me attitude when she got on stage. She wasn't obnoxious or anything like that. She was a hurt teenager who fought for her family.

Spin was a beautifully told story about what makes a family. If you love YA contemporaries you will love Spin. Highly recommended!

Thank you to NetGalley and Dundurn Publishing for providing me with an ARC of Spin in exchange for an honest review!


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