August 2019 TBR + Link-Up

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This August TBR includes a link-up for the Pick-a-Theme | 2019 Challenge hosted here @ She's Got Books On Her Mind. At the end of this post you can find a place to link-up to any reviews, discussions, and the like surrounding the theme you chose for August. You'll also find a link for the March link-up for the Royal Reading Challenge. I've added a few books you might enjoy for each challenge that I've discovered around Goodreads/the library that'll fit the theme.

I had a pretty relaxing July. I did not work on my portfolio so I'll have to double time it in August. I want to do more cooking, swimming, and working on school. The semester starts on the 26th which I've been dreading. It will be nice when I'm done with classes. I'll probably do two more semesters and then that's it. I'm done with school forever. (^///^)

Reading has been going well. I've just started listening to audiobooks again which has bumped up the amount of books I'm getting to a month. I do find it hard to find a book I want to listen to rather than read but it's been a nice change of pace. I'm participating in the N.E.W.T.'s readathon this month so that's why I have the Hufflepuff colors in the above image. The O.W.L.'s went well although I kind of wish I went for Broom Maker although I really like what I chose too. 

I changed my theme this month. I read a book a part of my old theme - ancestry - which meant that I was going to read books based on my ancestry dna results or my brother's at least. I read a book by a Portuguese writer and it was alright. I didn't feel like reading the others afterward so my theme is a bit of a wildcard I came up with a couple of days ago. My theme is...

I'm basing this off a yearly challenge. I'm not even close to completing said challenge so I thought I would boost my manga and graphic novel reading up this month. I have a few books I want to read including some manga I would love to give a go.

The Witch Hat Atelier is a relatively new series about a girl who wants to be a witch. The art style reminds me of Final Fantasy Tactics back in the day for some reason or more like Dragon Ball Z the show. It's enchanting looking.

Los Tipos Malos is something I picked up to practice learning Spanish. I have to start immersing myself in Spanish if I ever want to learn it so I thought reading some books in Spanish would help.

The Last Age of Magic has Zatanna in it whom I love which is the only reason I picked it up.

Kino's Journey is an older manga. I think the English version is coming out now or at least this edition of it. Honestly, I just picked it up because the cover looks so cool.

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Note: I've seen a lot of entries for the Royal Reading Challenge so I've decided to do a giveaway at the end of the year. I was thinking a gift card but also to giveaway some Royal themed books. What do you think?

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

Do you listen to audiobooks? 
What have been your favorites?


  1. Ahh, that cover on Crown of Coral & Pearl! So pretty! I like audiobooks, but I agree - I don't want to listen to everything on audio!

  2. I've tried audiobooks but I just can't focus. I wish though, because some seem really well done! I love graphic novels, so I hope you read some good ones this month. I THOUGHT you were going for a Hufflepuff vibe. haha


  3. My August read for the Royal Challenge, which meets my goal of 3 total for the year:
    The Palace Tiger


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