Mermaid Book Tag

The Mermaid Book Tag was originally created by Crazy4Books.

I thought this would be the perfect tag for my monthly theme of sea creatures. I haven't read many mermaid stories but that's okay since this tag doesn't stipulate that the books you read have to be mermaid related. 

I hope you enjoy my responses to the Mermaid tag questions.

Pick a Strong Group of Female Characters

Slam! is such a great series that follow along two best friends as they begin their roller derby journey. You have to hit hard, take charge, and get back up again in roller derby which makes the girls on the team strong characters.

Last Book You Were Unable to Put Down

Although, I didn't read In Her Skin in one sitting, I readily consumed this book. In Her Skin was such a great page turner. It had me guessing, gasping and screaming with joy.

What Unfinished Book Series Would You Collect Immediately

I LOVED The Liar Society series when I read the first two five years ago. I never got to read the last book through NetGalley and my library doesn't own them so I've never sought them out again. If I could I would snatch up this series in a second. 

Book That Has Your Favorite Meaningful Themes

I enjoy the themes of friendship, family, slow romances, and a little bit of danger. Saint Anything is such a perfect read for anyone wanting these themes. It's a favorite read of mine too that completely changed my mind about the author's work based on another book I read of hers before. Sometimes authors need second chances to win you over!

This Place is Full of Diverse Life - What Was The Last Diverse Book You Read And The Next One You Plan On Reading

I don't tend to focus on diverse books. If a book sounds interesting I'll read it regardless of the characters background. That said, Goodbye, Vitamin was my last diverse read (I believe it is. I am unsure whether or not it's a diverse book because it didn't focus on Ruth's culture) which followed Ruth Young, a recently dumped woman contemplating her life's decisions while also dealing with her parents. I don't know exactly what her ancestry is. Nevertheless, it's a lovely book that I lost myself in.

Again, I don't tend to focus on diverse books but I do have a lot of Asian books on my tbr list I want to read. I believe the next diverse book I'll be reading is If Cats Disappeared from the World. If anyone could clarify what a diverse book is I would greatly appreciate it!

Pick a Character You Wish Would Go Down With the Ship

If I could I would pick the whole Brotherhood in Sisters' Fate. But since I can only pick one character I will pick one of the brothers who's daughter is a witch (I can't remember his name). When he finds out he responds like the pain that he is and allows the law to imprison her and renounces her as a person. The brotherhood wants all witches and women to be under the control of men so.... you can imagine my hatred towards him.

Book Cover That Stole Your Heart Like a Pirate Stealing Treasure

I wish I had Perfect Ruin simply because the book cover is absolutely gorgeous!!! The story itself has sci-fi elements and great storytelling. I plan to continue the series in the future.

Name a Hidden Gem of a Book Not Enough People Know About

I am so disheartened that no one seems to know about Court! It took me forever to start but such a short time to finish. It was such an amazing, original story that I wish had a sequel!

Pick 3 New Releases You Would Miss Dearly if You Were Lost At Sea

The Similars has clones which I've enjoyed in a story before (Coincidentally it is by the author who wrote Court. It's called The Originals.) and has a complex storyline. I'm very interested in where the story takes me.

My Heart is such a me story where it dives in the emotions your heart can go through. The illustration is sublime.

The Girl King has shapeshifters ya'll. That's all I need to want to read it.

Pick a Great Villain Origin Story or a Misunderstood Villain

How appropriate to end on a book that I reviewed earlier this month and fits with my theme of sea creatures (although it doesn't count since I read it in December). To Kill a Kingdom had Lira (a.k.a. The Little Mermaid's Ariel) as an evil villain whose layers reveal someone misunderstood. 

Have you read any of these stories?
What responses would you have to these tag questions?


  1. Fun tag! I haven't read any of the books that you listed but I did just add To Kill a Kingdom to my tbr list and am looking forward to it.

  2. What a fun tag! I love mermaids and seem to have a few stories about them on my TBR!

  3. What a fun list! I love the cover for Ruin. It is really stunning. :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. I've read If Cats Disappeared From The World! It had some interesting ideas and I just couldn't resist the adorable kitten cover!
    This is my review:

  5. Oooh this is a fun tag! I haven't read any of the books on your list, but a lot of them look really interesting!

  6. What a fun tag! I love mermaids in general (when I was a kid I saw the movie Splash and took a bath with salt to try and get my own tail) so this is a fun one!


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